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Publish Date : 4/30/2022 7:12:21 AM
Biden's advertising show in Germany and the future of Ukraine


Biden's advertising show in Germany and the future of Ukraine

While there is evidence that the United States is willing to continue the war and impose its costs on Europe, Germany hosted a US-led meeting on Tuesday to discuss a solution to the Ukraine war.

NOURNEWS - Germany hosted a US-led meeting on Tuesday to decide on Ukraine's future. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby had previously said that 40 countries had been invited to attend a US-hosted defense conference on Ukraine in Germany.
US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was also in Germany to hold bilateral and multilateral meetings with officials present at the summit.
Although the policies announced by the West emphasize the end of the crisis in Ukraine, a look at the statements of Western officials and their behavior in the face of the Ukraine crisis show that these countries prefer the continuation of the war in Ukraine.
In this regard, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has said that the war will last until the end of 2022. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also pointed to the end of the war by 2023.
Western officials' comments that the war was prolonged and the image of a diplomatic solution stalled by the Western media, along with the amount of military aid to Ukraine, clearly show that the West has paid special attention to the continuation of the war.
The Western media's policy of portraying the Ukrainian president as a hero and motivating Europe to confront Russia is another form of the Western program that seeks to thwart other solutions by declaring war. A policy that has been somewhat successful.
Given the West's approach to continuing the military conflict in Ukraine, the German summit seems to have had more domestic consumption for the Americans.
With the sharp decline in Biden's popularity and the defeat of the Democrats in the midterm congressional elections, the US government hopes to cover up its weaknesses by using the propaganda of the Ukraine crisis, holding this summit, and creating the image of world leadership for Washington.
In line with its main goal of continuing the war and involving Russia in Eastern Europe, the United States sought to impose two policies on the Europeans during the summit.
The first is to oblige European governments to continue the sanctions process, and the second is for European governments to provide arms to Ukraine.
This is why the summit is being held in Germany, a major consumer of Russian energy.
However, the US summit in Germany could not be a step towards peace, especially since the statements and positions of Blinken and Austin during their visit to Ukraine before the German summit indicated the continuation of Washington's military approach to the crisis in Ukraine.
Although the German summit was held with media propaganda and the presence of a number of countries, in practice it only served the interests of the US government.
Legitimizing US sanctions policies around the world, prolonging the conflict in Ukraine
and imposing its costs on European governments, and covering up the US government's internal weaknesses should be considered the real goals of the meeting, which was pursued in a political-propaganda cover.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei 


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