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Publish Date : 4/8/2022 6:28:30 AM
Assaulting Iranian refuge woman and the double standards of the West


Assaulting Iranian refuge woman and the double standards of the West

How does the Human Rights Council deal with cases against other countries, including Iran, while ignoring the critical situation in refugee camps and the inhumane treatment of Western countries?

NOURNEWS - In the past few days, a video was released by the NGO "Trampoline House" in which an Iranian Kurdish refugee woman and mother of three children named "Ghadam Khair Haqqani Zadeh, 37, from Sarpol-e Zahab, Kernamshah" fell to the ground and was expelled from a refugee camp in Denmark resists.

In the video, taken at the Aunstrop refugee camp, she was beaten by four people and taken to a police station after her arrest.

The trampoline NGO says the woman was to be deported from Denmark with her two children, while her other one-year-old has stayed in Denmark with her father.

The Kurdish woman's family says the mother's separation from her one-year-old child is a violation of human rights law.

Following the public outcry, the Danish parliament was finally forced to take a stand, and Iskander Siddique, the Greens' independent representative in the country, wrote on his Twitter page:

"I can not bear to think of the fate that awaits a Kurdish woman who was forcibly deported. "I called on Immigration Minister Mattias Tesfaye to explain whether we are really going to treat people like this or not."

Interestingly, the Danish Ministry of Immigration says that the Iranian passport of this Kurdish asylum seeker has never expired and that he came to Turkey and then to Western Europe through this passport.

Meanwhile, the Iranian ambassador in Copenhagen sent an official note protesting against this inhumane act and in a meeting with the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Immigration, announced the level of protest of the Iranian government and asked the Danish officials to deal with the perpetrators and apologize for this behavior.

The point is that; This behavior can be considered as a continuation of the double standards of the West towards asylum seekers, as in recent months it has provided the highest facilities for Ukrainian asylum seekers, at the same time refusing to accept Afghan refugees in a similar situation and thousands in crisis at the border. The camps are over.

Under these circumstances, the question arises as to how institutions such as the Human Rights Council file cases and appoint a special envoy to other countries, including Iran, while ignoring the critical situation in the refugee camps and the inhumane treatment of them in Western countries?

This case showed that the claim of such institutions about their support for religious and ethnic minorities in Iran is not for humanitarian reasons but in the framework of political intentions to fragment the unity of Iranians and there is no honesty in their behavior.

On the other hand; The thought-provoking silence of those who shouted in recent days under the pretext of the bitter events in Mashhad Stadium and demanded the suspension of Iranian football, once again removed the mask from the faces of their hypocrites and businessmen in the face of my beating.

Public opinion, especially women in Iranian society, is now questioning those who have silently ignored the suffering of this mother with three children and the wounds inflicted on her body in the brutal attack by Danish security agents on whether to preserve dignity and basic rights.

This kind of biased behavior has been repeated in the past, such as the same events last year on the day of the presidential election in the face of the beating of an Iranian woman in Birmingham, England, who came to the polls to participate in determining the fate of her country. They did not speak Iranian in the West.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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