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Publish Date : 3/15/2022 1:48:31 PM
What is the response of the United States and Ukraine to Russia's claim about biological laboratories?

What is the response of the United States and Ukraine to Russia's claim about biological laboratories?

Despite the statement by the Permanent Representative of Russia to the United Nations Security Council on obtaining documents that indicate the presence of dangerous American bio-labs in several Ukrainian cities, no clear response has been received from Kyiv or Washington

NOURNEWS -  Russia's permanent representative to the United Nations Security Council claimed that there is a network of American biological laboratories in Ukraine working to strengthen and transmit pathogens. "Vasily Nebenzya" announced that officials in Kyiv are working under the order of America to remove the traces of American biological programs on Ukraine, which operates thirty units and is financed by Washington.

The Russian official added: Documents obtained by the Russian Defense Ministry confirm that the UP-4 project, under the direct auspices of the Pentagon. The NCMI is conducting high-risk experiments to reinforce and transmit the causes of deadly epidemics such as cholera, tularemia, and anthrax Yersinia pastes in the cities of Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Odesa. Nebenzya stated that the purpose of this project is to investigate the possibility of spreading these diseases through migratory birds and that efforts have been made to introduce diseases to Russia through this route; Available documents show that a large and serious program was underway in the framework of US biological military projects in Ukraine.

The Russians have made no attempt to publish these documents to substantiate their claim, and the United States and Ukraine have not yet commented on these allegations. Given the dark record of the West in such inhumane acts, especially the exploitation of countries under their influence and the lack of responsibility for the dire consequences of these inhumane acts, it seems that in addition to White House officials, Ukrainian officials must provide explanations and convincing answers to public opinion.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei


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