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Publish Date : 3/13/2022 1:09:09 AM
The roots of the Ukrainian crisis go back 30 years

The roots of the Ukrainian crisis go back 30 years

The Islamic Republic of Iran believes only in the peaceful way and condemns other methods. Iran strongly criticizes the American intervention in various regions.

NOURNEWS - Quoted by Reda Sadr Al-Hosseini, an expert in international affairs, in an interview with the Sobhe Zagros Center for Analysis and Information, about the Ukrainian crisis and its background, noting that the Ukraine crisis and the situation in this geopolitical region is not an issue that will end only at this crisis. He said: “For a careful study of this crisis, one must take into account the recent past of this region؛ After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Americans made great efforts to bring the newly independent states into liberal democracy in various ways, including soft war and velvet revolutions, to encircle the new Russia and form a unipolar world.”

Sadr Al-Hosseini said: “Since 2014, direct efforts have been launched focusing on Ukraine. Proceeding from the fact that the presidents of this country, who came to power by the pro-Western current, have reached this result, after meetings and talks with Western officials, that Ukraine does not need A defensive power, and  it must destroy all its defense capabilities that made Ukraine before the collapse of the Soviet Union the third nuclear country in the world, thus Ukraine gives security guarantees to the West, and in return it is included in NATO and is considered one of the elite European countries.”

He went on to say that the roots of the Ukraine crisis go back 30 years: “The main reason is that the Americans, in order to achieve a unipolar world, have focused on Ukraine as the most important country in Russia's security environment, having armed it in recent months and stirred up the feelings of inexperienced political officials in Ukraine, which led to the circumstances we are witnessing today in killing Ukrainians, injuring and displacing a number of them.”

Sadr Al-Hosseini stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran does not believe in and condemns the non-peaceful method, and said: “Iran strongly criticizes the American intervention in various regions and considers the roots of this crisis today to be due to the American intervention.”

He added: “It is expected that after achieving Russia's multiple goals of attacking Ukraine, Russia does not need Ukrainian territory. This means that if a government that is not hostile to Russia comes to power in Ukraine, and this government does not want Ukraine to join NATO and does not threaten Russia neither security nor militarily, it can be said that Russia will prevent the continuation of this crisis. It is expected that this crisis will not last, despite Western attempts, especially the US, to prolong this crisis in order to create a continuous crisis for Russia.”


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