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Publish Date : 1/16/2022 2:26:03 AM
Lebanese Westernophile take the lead in escaping election defeat


Lebanese Westernophile take the lead in escaping election defeat

The pro-Western currents and their foreign supporters, aware of the sharp instability of their position and the widespread tendency of the people to resist, are seeking to deceive public opinion and hide the current facts in Lebanon by distorting, hoaxing, and false hostilities.

NOURNEWS - Lebanon is approaching parliamentary elections as the economic crisis and political divisions overshadow it.

Although the Hezbollah movement on 21 December stressed the need for national unity among the Lebanese currents, the pro-Western currents continue the questionable and critical policies of the past.

Meanwhile, published reports indicate that a group of Lebanese political, cultural, and media figures intend to form a new organization called the "National Council" to counter what they call the "occupation of Iran" and Hezbollah's proxy hegemony.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

The media claimed that the council, after its formation, would ask Hezbollah to surrender its weapons in accordance with the Lebanese constitution and two Security Council resolutions 1559 and 1701, so that weapons in Lebanon would be in the possession only of the military and security institutions!

Regarding the claim of the formation of such a council by the Lebanese pro-Western currents, there are some remarkable points:

First; A review of Lebanese developments in 2005 shows that the assassination of the late Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in February 2005 was a move by a coalition of Lebanese Westerners, some Arab countries, the Zionist regime, and the West to plunge Lebanon into turmoil and pressure to push Syrian forces out of Lebanon. Been completed.

The ultimate goal of these crises was to lay the groundwork for the Zionist regime's military invasion of Lebanon in 2006, which led to the destruction and massacre of hundreds of Lebanese.

The important point is that what accompanied this scenario was the failure of Hezbollah resistance and the change of balance, which finally inflicted a severe defeat on the Zionist regime and the enemies of Lebanon in the 33-day war and restored dignity and dignity to Lebanon.

It is noteworthy that the actions of the Westerners not only did not stabilize Lebanon but also paved the way for the formation of a so-called international tribunal for what they called the Hariri assassination case, which to this day has paved the way for foreign interference and blackmail from Lebanon.

Second; The council claims that Hezbollah adheres to the constitution and UN resolutions, which, according to the constitution, form the current of the Lebanese defense strategy alongside the army and the people, so the existence of Hezbollah and its weapons is legal and it is approved by the Lebanese people and laws.

The Westerners claim the need to implement UN resolutions while refusing to confront and condemn the Zionist regime's aggression on Lebanese soil as part of these resolutions, and it has been the weapon of resistance that has responded to these aggressions.

Another important point regarding the adherence to the resistance to the constitution can be seen in the recent Lebanese election process, which, despite its widespread popular position, has acted in accordance with its 2008 Doha agreement, forming a government and resolving the country's affairs on political partisanship, while with that popular support it was possible to win more seats in the government.

Third; A look at the developments in Lebanon in recent years reveals important points that will certainly influence the Lebanese people's decision in the elections.

On one side is the equation of the pro-Western current with the option of Saad Hariri, whose dependence on Saudi Arabia and the West has created many economic and livelihood crises for the people.

However, Western promises such as the three Paris meetings to provide financial assistance to Lebanon have never been fulfilled, but have been a means of extorting money from the country.

After the suspicious explosion in the port of Beirut, this movement not only did not take action for the demands of the people but also the supporters of "Samir Geagea", one of the leaders of the West, suppressed the popular demand with firearms to determine the fate of the victims.

It also questioned Lebanese independence when the Saudi regime took Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri hostage, instead of defending Lebanon's reputation.

The humiliation of Lebanon by forcing the Minister of Communications to criticize the Saudi crimes in Yemen, etc., has been among the other behaviors of the Lebanese Westerners.

On the contrary; Hezbollah and the Lebanese resistance, along with the military defense of Lebanon against the aggression of the Zionist regime and terrorists, has always tried to meet the needs of the people and through various measures such as importing fuel from Iran, trying to realize the rights of Beirut port bomb victims and families. They are in Syria to fight terrorism to provide security for the Lebanese people, to help liberate Lebanese soldiers captured by terrorists every year, to give Lebanon a global identity with Hezbollah on the Resistance Front, to rebuild the ruins left by the Zionist aggression since 2000 to date and ... has stepped in this direction.

The Westernophile current and its foreign supporters, aware of the extreme instability of their position and the widespread tendency of the people to resist, seek to deceive public opinion and conceal the current facts in Lebanon by distorting, hoaxing, and falsely hostile.

At the same time, everyone acknowledges that the Islamic Republic has proved its brotherhood and friendship to the Lebanese people by sending fuel and emphasizing readiness to meet the needs of the Lebanese people, while countries such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, France, Britain, and the United States have pledged their support, blackmailing and their only function has been to take advantage of sanctions to dominate Lebanon.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei

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