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Publish Date : 12/15/2021 4:43:37 AM
Why did JCPOA become an empty shell ?!


Why did JCPOA become an empty shell ?!

Numerous and deadly blows from the United States and Europe to the JCPOA, which continue, have completely tarnished the credibility of this international agreement, leaving nothing but an empty shell.

NOURNEWS - Representatives of the three European countries present at the Vienna talks issued a joint statement yesterday after meeting with US Special Envoy for IranRobert Malley, who is in Vienna.
Regardless of the continuation of undocumented rhetoric about accusing Iran of wasting time, inflexibility and ... a notable issue in the British, German and French statements is the reference to: "Iran's behavior is disappointing and time is running out. "Without rapid progress, and given the rapid progress of Iran's nuclear program, JCPOA will soon become an empty shell!"
A re-reading of the behavior of the United States and Europe after the finalization of the JCPOA and the impact of these measures on the ineffectiveness of this document, clearly identifies the current state of the JCPOA and the decisive role of the Western parties in it.
From the beginning, JCPOA was formed on the basis of determining two groups of commitments in the field of nuclear weapons and the lifting of sanctions, which, unfortunately, was initially left to Iran to fulfill its initial obligations.
Regardless of the negative effects of accepting such a procedure in fulfilling the obligations, which today expect the violating party to repeat the situation of the past, Iran, in accordance with the commitments accepted in the JCPOA, according to the plan, it will strictly implement the restrictions imposed on its nuclear industry and the defined regulatory mechanisms, and these measures were approved and announced by the International Atomic Energy Agency in several stages.
On the other hand, during the Obama administration, the United States, by imposing new sanctions and sabotaging the process of fulfilling its obligations, not only did not take significant action to remove obstacles to Iran's economic interests, but also directly and indirectly to European parties and others. Its allies sent a message that Iran would continue to be strict in exercising its legal rights.
JCPOA's emptiness of content began not now, but when the American and European parties, in violation of the covenant and inaction, declared to the world that they did not value their commitments and that everything was merely a political tool for them.
Trump's presence at the helm of the US administration, announcing the withdrawal of the country from the JCPOA and at the same time using the leverage of sanctions against countries that do not follow Washington's approach to illegal pressure on Iran, was the beginning of new conditions that put the body of the JCPOA on the path of complete destruction.
Iran, however, believing in the need to save the JCPOA and, of course, re-trusting Europe's promises to compensate for the US withdrawal from the JCPOA, adhered to its commitments for another year without exercising its rights in the JCPOA added that today it can be claimed that there is only one contentless shell left.
Unfortunately, the European countries, which along with the United States are accused of destroying JCPOA and are now taking the same path with delays, extravagance, and accusations of undocumented women, have not only not been aware of their past actions, but have completely ignored the consequences of Iran's past actions. Accuse and say that Iran's actions will turn JCPOA into an empty shell!
The bitter truth is that JCPOA is now an empty shell that the Islamic Republic of Iran, as in the past, is trying to revive by reviving the commitments of the parties, while; the party that turned JCPOA into an empty shell is now sitting on the western side of the negotiations and continuing its inaction.
It is clear that if the West wants to revive JCPOA, as it was at the forefront of JCPOA's death, it must take the first step in reviving it and return to it the spirit taken from JCPOA by fulfilling its obligations and lifting sanctions, not by threatening to be ineffective. To use JCPOA as a negotiation tactic to intensify pressure on Iran.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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