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Publish Date : 11/13/2021 4:56:48 AM
The narrative of the development of a conspiracy against the Iraqi people by distorting the media


The narrative of the development of a conspiracy against the Iraqi people by distorting the media

The Americans are trying to provide an excuse to take action against the resistance groups and justify the need for the survival of their troops in Iraq by falsely narrating the incident of the attack on al-Kadhimi's house while displacing the plaintiff and the accused.

NOURNEWS - Last Sunday morning, the Iraqi media suddenly reported that several UAVs had attacked the house of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi in the Green Zone of Baghdad and assassinated him.

The news quickly made headlines in the regional and world media, with the exception that Western networks, from the very beginning, implicitly accused the resistance groups of carrying out the operation by covering the story extensively.

The incident came after peaceful protests by groups protesting the results of Iraq's recent parliamentary elections on Friday night led to clashes and shootings involving security forces and the intervention of unknown individuals, and at least one person was killed when tents were set on fire.

Many Iraqi experts and observers, including resistance groups, condemned the incident and condemned its attribution to the protesters as undocumented and psychological operations.

"Nournews" in the very first hours, explaining the reasons for the attack, described it as suspicious and wrote: Raises suspicions of drone strikes on the Prime Minister's home.

In addition to the quick reaction of some elements, media and pro-Western groups to the drone attack on al-Kadhimi's house and accusing the resistance groups of being involved in this action, the inactivity of the American C_Ram defense based in the embassy in Baghdad was among the reasons for the suspicion.

On the other hand, The inconsistency of any insecurity with the goals and interests of the resistance groups, as emphasized in their statements after the incident, reinforces the suspicion that this is, first of all, a dramatic assassination and that its perpetrators benefit most from the escalation of inflammation and conflict in Iraq.

However, once again, the scenario of a "distortion of reality" program by Western officials and the media, which logically derives the most benefit from Iraq's insecurity, was the key to the conspiracy against the resistance groups that made the most effort to implement the US parliament's resolution on US military expulsion.

In this regard, Reuters, which has a dark history of publishing false news, first published a false and undocumented report, accusing "Kata'ib Hezbollah" and "Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq" of carrying out this operation.

The scenario took on a new dimension with the arrival of Western officials, including State Department spokesman Ned Price, and Washington's justification for responding to the attack, shifting the plaintiff and defendant to an excuse to take action against resistance groups and, of course, to justify the survival of US troops.

It seems to be a conspiracy to discredit the resistance groups and their supporters, namely Iran, in the eyes of the Iraqi public, by securing the Iraqi atmosphere, it is practically suppressing the public demand for the election results and facilitating the White House game about the future government, that will be neutralized only by the cohesion of the Iraqi people and political groups.
BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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