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Publish Date : 11/9/2021 7:35:42 AM
A successful test of the "Arash" drone

A successful test of the "Arash" drone

A spokesman for the 1400th Zulfiqar Joint Exercise said: The "Arash" UAV of the Army Ground Forces, in a fast and accurate operation with a long distance hitting the designated point, showed the accuracy of the Iranian UAVs on the battlefield.

NOURNEWS - Admiral Seyed Mahmoud Mousavi said: "Army ground units managed to capture the positions of the attacking unit in the role of the enemy by firing missiles - smart artillery, air helicopters and combat drones, with Iranian rockets and missiles."

The spokesman for the 1400th Army Zulfiqar Joint Exercise said that the Mersad indigenous system, in coordination with the country's integrated air defense network, fired a missile to shoot down a hostile air target last night, adding that the army's artillery, armored, helicopter and UAV units fired against the attacking forces in the role of the enemy.

Admiral Mousavi added: "At this stage of the exercise, the army ground forces, using local reconnaissance drones, first monitored all the activities of the attacking units in the role of the enemy, and then sent Iranian drones to attack their vessels, combat units and The mechanized ground forces also carried out decisive defense on the coast.

He continued: "Simultaneously with the support of airborne fighter helicopters and electronic warfare operations, armed ground tactics and barriers were also implemented, and army ground units fired missiles, artillery, combat point artillery, airborne attack helicopters and UAVs from infiltration." The attacking forces prevented them from playing the role of the enemy and forced them to retreat with a lightning attack.

The spokesman for the Zulfiqar 1400 Army Joint Exercise, referring to the use of army drones and the widespread use of combat drones and reconnaissance in the exercise, said: "At this stage of the exercise, a network-based warfare approach was used and all systems were equipped with self-defense equipment." They were against electronic warfare.

Also, during the ground attack by ground commando units, the area of ​​operation was covered by indigenous reconnaissance, surveillance and combat drones.

Admiral Mousavi continued: "The young high-flyers of the army air force, along with the fighters and combat drones of this force, were in charge of supporting the units operating the ground forces, which successfully targeted them using 250-pound ammunition and bombs."

He considered all the defined scenarios based on information estimates of potential threats and in accordance with the realities of the battlefield and emphasized: what is performed in this exercise is the real training to deal with threats, the role of units in the form of attacking and defending forces Zulfiqar Joint 1400 Army is evaluated by the Central Headquarters of Khatam al-Anbiya (PBUH) and the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The spokesman of the Zulfiqar 1400th Joint Exercise, emphasizing that the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with unity and brotherhood, are a united force and a strong barrier against any encroachment on our territory, said: "Today, our enemies know better than anyone that an accumulation of Defensive capacities and capabilities have been provided to deal with them in the Islamic Republic of Iran, which will face surprise scenes in case of any calculation error by them.



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