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Publish Date : 10/21/2021 5:41:42 AM
Reconsideration of the destructive role of the IAEA at the nuclear negotiations


Reconsideration of the destructive role of the IAEA at the nuclear negotiations

If the P4+1 members really want to revive JCPOA and resume nuclear talks with Iran, it would be better to first define their task with non-constructive controversies of Rafael Grossi and declare their demarcation with Israel's military threats against Iran.

NOURNEWS - The Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, who traveled to Washington to meet with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in an interview with the Financial Times, has again taken a stand against Iran and warned on the so-called restrictions imposed on the Agency for its nuclear inspections in Iran!

"Rafael Grossi" said in this interview; I need to contact Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian immediately and talk to him about the IAEA's oversight of Iran's nuclear activities.

Although the latest agreement between Grossi and "Mohammad Eslami", the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, mentions the issue of his return trip to Iran, but according to the information received by "Nuornews", due to the continuation of Grossi's political behavior and non-compliance with bilateral agreements, no date has still been set for the return of the Director General of the Agency to Iran by officials of this country.

It has also been said that Grossi insists on meeting with the officials of our country, especially President Raisi, before the meeting of the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency, which is scheduled to be held in November.

Grossi's behavior and stance against Iran, while contrary to the anti-Iranian propaganda of the Western media, can undoubtedly be considered as one of the serious obstacles to the resumption of the Iran-P4+1 nuclear talks in Vienna.

It is safe to say that Grossi's statements and actions since the beginning of his tenure in the IAEA have been very close to the destructive actions of the Zionist regime on Iran's nuclear program.

He owes his management of the agency to the strong support of the Trump administration, and after the establishment of the Biden administration in the White House, he is still trying to continue the path of the past to consolidate his position.

Tel Aviv and Washington, meanwhile, are clearly at loggerheads over how to deal with Iran, and as the news of the recent visit of Israel's national security adviser to the United States shows, the differences have reached a climax.

According to this, it is clear that, given Netanyahu's continued confrontation with Iran by the Naftali Bennett government, the main reason for Grossi's anti-Iranian behavior and stance is the influence of the Israeli lobby in the IAEA and his management by Tel Aviv, which has unfortunately severely damaged the IAEA's legal status.

In such a situation, it is not unreasonable to consider Grossi not as part of the solution to start negotiations but as one of its main obstacles.

The IAEA's Director-General  has reactivated cases previously closed during the signing of JCPOA by making false allegations and citing fake reports and documents provided by Netanyahu, towards political affiars rather than technical approaches.

The point is that Grossi's destructive actions and positions, at least from two angles, are completely contrary to the explicit text of the IAEA Statute.

Not only did he not fulfill his duty of protection to Iran as a member of the IAEA, and he was not even willing to explicitly condemn the nuclear sabotage and assassination of Iranian scientists by Israel, but he also relied on alleged and forged documents provided by a non-member state. The IAEA is trying to open a new case against Iran and complicate the existing situation.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly stated that it has never left the negotiating table and is always ready to listen to proposals that provide for its legal rights, but it is clear in a situation that the head of the IAEA has become a tool for political pressure on Iran, and the evil and terrorist Zionist regime, with the military threat of Iran, openly declares that by providing a budget of $ 1.5 billion, it seeks to strike at this country's nuclear facilities, there cannot be the hope for the formation of negotiations in a legal and technical context.

On this basis it seems that If the other P4+1 members are really looking to revive JCPOA and resume nuclear talks with Iran, it would be better to do so with controversy instead of giving ground to an element that thinks of nothing but consolidating its position and satisfying its arrogance, identify non-constructive Grossi and also declare their demarcation with Israeli military threats against Iran.

Acceptance of commitments by JCPOA parties and respect for Iran's violated rights over the past three and a half years is the only way that can pave the way for the resumption of negotiations and ending the current stalemate.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei



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