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Publish Date : 7/11/2021 6:05:10 AM
The US returns to Afghanistan through the window


The US returns to Afghanistan through the window

It can be said that the plans put forward by the United States and the establishment of two bases in Qatar and Kabul are not to help Afghanistan, but to implement new dimensions of the occupation, which is carried out under the banner of support measures.

NOURNEWS - In the recent weeks, the Americans have announced the withdrawal of their troops from Afghanistan through extensive media propaganda. They claim that after 20 years of occupation, they are seeking to hand over responsibility to the Afghan government.
This claim came as Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said in a thought-provoking speech that they had agreed to set up a security coordination office in Qatar headed by General Curtis Buzzard to support Afghan forces after leaving Afghanistan.
He added that the Pentagon had also agreed to set up another body in Kabul, which would be commanded by Admiral Peter Weasley and would be part of the Security Coordination Office in Qatar. Kirby said a new unit called the "Afghan Progressive US Forces" has been set up to support the country's diplomatic presence in Afghanistan.
Now the question is whether this action can help solve the crisis in Afghanistan? The answer to this question can be found in the 20 years of US operations in Afghanistan.
First, Qatar has been the so-called center of US support, as US records show, and the United States has always sought to use Qatar's position to expand its militarism in the region, and now public opinion opposes the US presence in the region. Claiming to support Afghanistan, Washington seeks to expand its military presence in the country and put pressure on Doha to implement its demands in the region.
A presence that's seemingly uplifting Qatar's regional position, but in practice entangles it in the US crisis in the region will come at a great cost to Qatar, which is trying to become an economic hub and a stabilizing player in the region.
The ineffectiveness of the new US presence in Qatar to enhance Doha's regional position becomes more apparent when the US, despite the transfer of hosting and centrality of US-Afghan central government talks with the Taliban, disrupts the negotiation process from Qatar to a weak mediator. Doha mediation goals will have a negative impact on regional equations.
Second, the Americans are claiming logistical, financial, military, and intelligence support for Afghanistan, which they would have done in 20 years if they were to function for Afghanistan, while leaving Afghanistan two decades later amid a civil war that gaining strength in this country, and the central government does not have the necessary defense power and political capacity to unify the country. During this period, no action has been taken to arm and strengthen the Afghan army and to establish a proper political process based on the tribal and ethnic structure of Afghanistan, as well as the economic support that has placed the country in the ranks of countries in economic crisis.
Based on this, it can be said that the plans proposed by the United States and the establishment of two bases in Qatar and Kabul are not to help Afghanistan, but to implement new dimensions of the occupation, which is carried out under the banner of support measures.
The formation of these units in the name of supporting Afghanistan, according to the description of their duties, shows that the Americans, although claiming a military withdrawal from Afghanistan, in practice at the same time seek to strengthen the security and intelligence presence in this country, that in reality will bring about dominance for the US in the military, political and economic structure of this country.
Meanwhile, according to the Pentagon, providing security for US diplomats, assisting in securing Kabul airport, continuing to advise and assist Afghan security and defense forces if necessary, and conducting counter-terrorism operations will be the responsibilities of this new command.
In other words, the United States, which comes out of the gates of Afghanistan with widespread media propaganda and gestures of victory, enters slowly through the window. With the end of the withdrawal of the old military forces, new forces with a focus on intelligence and security are going to enter Afghanistan to form a new dimension of occupation.
The solution to the Afghan crisis is a complete and unconditional withdrawal of the United States, which is important with the approach to the Afghan-Afghan solution and regional convergences such as the security plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2018 with the participation of Russia, China, Pakistan and Afghanistan and India.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei



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