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Publish Date : 7/3/2021 6:19:24 AM
Warsaw - Tel Aviv Diplomatic Tensions


Warsaw - Tel Aviv Diplomatic Tensions

Although some countries, such as Germany, continue to be subject to Zionist ransom demands, European thinkers and historians have been given the opportunity to free themselves from Zionist ransom demands as the Holocaust has been tarnished and questioned.

NOURNEWS - Following the diplomatic tensions between Warsaw and Tel Aviv over the Jewish property law, Polish Prime Minister Matthias Morawiecki strongly criticized the remarks of Israeli Foreign Minister Jair Lapid.
"All I am saying is that as long as I am Prime Minister, Poland will definitely not pay anything for the crimes of the Germans," Morawiecki told a news conference. "Not a zloty (Polish currency), not a euro, not a dollar!"
"Poland is in no way responsible for the Holocaust, which was the hostile act of the occupying Germany," the Polish Foreign Ministry said in a statement.
Under a bill passed by the lower house of Poland on Friday, all property grievances that have not been resolved in the past 30 years will be subject to a statute of limitations and their case will be closed.
Tel Aviv claims that a law passed by the lower house of Poland prevents Jews from taking back their property and does not compensate those who survived the alleged Holocaust.
Now the question is why Poland has taken such positions towards the Zionist regime while the leaders of many European countries are obedient to the Zionists?

A) Tired of blackmailing: One of the issues in the relations between the Zionist regime and Western countries is the blackmail of this regime under the pretext of the Holocaust and the developments of World War II. The objective manifestation of this blackmail can be seen in German behavior.
The Compensation Agreement between Israel and the Federal Republic of Germany was signed on September 10, 1952 and entered force on March 27, 1953.
Under the agreement, West Germany was obliged to pay the costs of resettlement of a number of outright and destitute Jewish asylum seekers to the Zionist regime through the "Conference of Jewish Financial Claims from Germany."
The point is that, although some countries, such as Germany, are still subject to Zionist ransom demands, European thinkers and historians have been given the opportunity to free themselves from Zionist ransom demands that Polish behavior can be manipulated by thinkers and historians.

B) Current facts in the occupied territories: The leaders of the Zionist regime, while claiming to be the savior of the Jews, and by claiming past discrimination, are blackmailing countries that the current facts in the occupied territories reveal a wide range of falsehood of the claims of the leaders of this regime.
On the one hand, the economic crisis accompanied by street protests and the corruption case of Zionist leaders, including Netanyahu, show that the ransom is not at the expense of the occupants of the occupied territories, who serve a few such as Zionist leaders, and helping the Jews is merely an excuse. .
On the other hand, the racism in the occupied territories and the discrimination against the Jews by the Zionist regime, which divides them into first- and second-class citizens, reveal other dimensions of the delusion that the regime's leaders saved the Jews.
The widespread demonstrations of African, Asian, Asian, and other Jews against racial segregation in the occupied territories testify to this critical situation.
This situation is one of the components of the world awakening to the current realities in the occupied territories, the consequences of which can be the countries' refusal to pay tribute to the leaders of this regime.

C) Denial of the legitimacy of the Zionist regime by the Jews: One of the remarkable points on the world stage is the demonstration of the Jews of the world against the Zionist regime.
They emphasize that the Zionist regime has never represented the Jews and only includes utilitarians who use Jewish nature to gain power.
This global movement of the Jews is one of the components of the global awakening to the true nature of the Zionist regime, which has been influential in their cooperation with this regime.

D) Popular demand: Although modern nationalism in Europe is one of the influential components in the policies and positions of statesmen, including the exercise of authority in foreign policy, but the truth is that the popular awakening and movement against the Zionist regime has grown rapidly in European societies.
The "BDS" movement or the boycott of Israel in European countries and the United States, which is derived from the tiredness of Western nations from ransom and the inhuman nature of the Zionist regime, is becoming more and more widespread.

Based on this, it can be said that Poland's approach against the Zionist regime's blackmail is the fulfillment of the demands of the people who have made confrontation with the Zionist regime one of their central principles.
This popular approach is such that one of the reasons for the French President Macron's defeat in the regional elections was his action to suppress the anti-Zionist demonstrations of the French people during the last 12 days of the war against Gaza.
This global demand can be considered as the result of the achievements of the resistance, which has formed a global awareness and awakening about the main nature of the Zionist regime.
In any case, it can be said that Poland's action is a continuation of the global isolation of the Zionist regime, which extends from the sphere of nations to the states, while on the contrary, the approach of the nations of the world to the Palestinian resistance groups has intensified.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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