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Publish Date : 1/27/2021 9:08:25 PM
Deciphering the threatening statements of the Zionist regime officials against Iran

Deciphering the threatening statements of the Zionist regime officials against Iran

The Zionist regime knows from past experience that it will definitely be punished by Iran for its evils, so due to the unpredictability of the time, place and manner of Iran’s revenge, it is in a state of extreme anxiety.

NOURNEWS -  The Chief of General Staff of the Israeli Army in a very dramatic statement to Joe Biden administration warned about the consequences of a possible return of the United States to JCPOA and said I have ordered the army to prepare several new action plans against Iran!

Aviv Kochavi added; Returning to JCPOA, even with some reforms, is bad both operationally and strategically, because given Iran's advanced centrifuges and the country's enriched uranium reserves, Iran has only a few months or even a few weeks to achieve its capabilities in order to make nuclear weapons.

The threatening remarks come as Israel Hayom, the largest-circulation newspaper in the Occupied Territories, claimed in an article on Thursday, January 16 that the military was considering three options for confronting Iran!

Some time ago, "Benjamin Netanyahu" repeated the same threats, claiming that he would prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon!

It was after Netanyahu's rhetoric that a security official, in an interview with NOURNEWS, while explaining Iran's strategy against the actions and threats of Tel Aviv, said: “The Zionist regime must wait for the consequences of the events for which its leaders are responsible and know any violation of Iran's interests and security, whether it accepts responsibility or denies it, will face a decisive response from the Islamic Republic.”

Such exaggerations and threats by Zionist regime officials against Iran are while the regime is basically not in a position to take action against Iran, and such bluffs generally have domestic consumption for a weak, corrupt government on the verge of overthrowing Netanyahu.

The protests and clashes that started months ago in different cities of the occupied territories along with the opposition of the court to the postponement of Netanyahu's trial, severe covid19 pandemic and high mortality of citizens, mismanagement and economic problems, the intensification and escalation of political differences within the government are among the internal developments that have taken the power of any foreign action from this regime.

This statement is mostly due to the fact that the Zionist regime rightly knows from previous experience that its evils will definitely be punished by Iran, so because of the unpredictability of the time, place and manner of punishing Iran in a state of extreme anxiety.

On the other hand; The ouster of Israel's main defender, Trump, from power in the United States has left Netanyahu in a state of deep anxiety and disturbance, as well as the mood of him and his cabinet, so he tries to hide this fear behind hollow and passive boasting.

The point is that; Political and military officials in the Trump administration and himself later in the White House made similar statements, as well as increasing dramatic military movements, for fear of "severe retaliation" by the Islamic Republic, which unfortunately caused anxiety. There were some Iranian political officials, but the country's defense and security officials stated from the beginning that there was no possibility of any war or military threat due to Iran's full readiness and vigilance.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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