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Publish Date : 1/23/2021 4:17:19 PM
Consequences of Escalated Political Unrest in the US

Consequences of Escalated Political Unrest in the US

Democrats are trying to expel Trump out of the White House in a scandalous way, adding: The criticism and concern of the Republicans about an election loser who, through his unusual behaviors, personality instability and confusion in his policies has been so controversial and has troublemaker supporters, is natural.

NOURNEWS - Speaking in an interview with the website of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, Diako Hosseini referred to a letter from the Democratic Speaker of the US House of Representatives calling for Trump impeachment in the Congress following the riots that led to the death of five Trump supporters and said: The stance of the Democrats towards Trump is a repetition of their position four years ago, they were distrustful of Trump, and that distrust was more than just a competition between the two parties.

He added: Apart from the fact that Trump, as a Republican, took control of the White House, the Democratic Party also had a double distrust of him; because they considered him as a completely unstable and unpredictable person, and believed that he had never adhered to the rules of the game of politics in America.

Republicans parted ways with Trump

The analyst of the international affairs referred to the world reactions and widespread domestic criticisms of the US president following inciting his supporters to attack the building of the Congress and stressing the need for Trump’s resignation, said: The Republicans are gradually distancing themselves from Trump after his defeat in order to guarantee their political future and, while acquitting themselves of what happened in those four years, they would not be responsible for what will happen in the coming days. This approach has caused some Republicans, even in the Trump administration, to widen their political distance from Trump and part ways with him.

Hosseini stressed: These concerns of the Republicans about an election loser who, through his unusual behaviors, personality instability and confusion in his policies has been so controversial and has troublemaker supporters, is natural.

He referred to Nancy Pelosi’s remarks about talking to the Joint Chiefs of Staff for creating obstacles on Trump’s way to prevent a military confrontation or a nuclear strike order, and added: The Democrats by taking advantage of the prevailing atmosphere seem to be exaggerating to some extent. It is true that Trump himself is unpredictable and has shown unusual behavior, but in connection with the start of a war, it must be said that he has no desire to do so, neither in the past four years nor today.

Hosseini explained: Trump, in terms of personality, tends to be in control of all the situations and details. That is why he had very few assistants and many official positions in the US administration had remained vacant. Naturally, such a person is unwilling to give practical authority to military commanders over whom he himself would not have complete control.

Stressing that Trump is essentially a non-ideological figure, the analyst at the Center for Strategic Studies of the President’s Office said: He is still hopeful that the next four years, he or those close to him, will run for president. If he wants to do so, his only important legacy, that is to say the United States has not entered into any classic war during that period, will be lost, because a large part of his supporters are those who opposed the wars.

Attempts to make Trump’s exit from the White House scandalous

He referred to the emphasis of the US officials for Trump’s incompetency and the need for his impeachment and continued: The Democrats’ efforts and remarks in this regard are largely related to the US domestic policy. They are exerting utmost efforts to oust Trump out of the White House in a scandalous way, and to increase distrust of him in the American politics and in the public opinion as much as possible.

The international affairs expert, referring to the escalation of violence in the United States in the days leading up to the inauguration and some analyses on bringing democracy in that country under question, added: The fact is that under this seemingly transparent and orderly skin we see in the American society there is always such disturbances. Trump’s vote base is mostly in the lower social classes. Those people today had the opportunity to show their completely natural inclinations toward the government, the federal administration, and federal institutions in favor of Trump. If those people, for example, had the same opportunity five years ago and had such a representative in the White House, they would do such things.

Hosseini said: Those people basically have no affiliation or trust in the institutions of Washington, and it is very natural that those things happen with the slightest spark. Although what happened was politically exploited against Trump, it should not have taken anyone by surprise, as this talent has existed in the United States for many years and was only controlled during the present time, and Trump unleashed that restraint a little and it led to what we saw in the Congress a few days ago.

Saying that the Democrats are trying to force Trump to leave the White House in the worst possible way, or to legally eliminate the possibility of Trump running for office in 2024 with the help of impeachment process, he added: Some Republicans may also seek to acquit themselves of Trump’s record by turning away from him and embracing the process, opening up new horizons in American politics. This seems to be a more important goal for them than controlling Trump.


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