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Publish Date : 12/29/2020 7:25:56 AM
Bin Salman joined Biden to stay in power


Bin Salman joined Biden to stay in power

The Saudi Crown Prince today has no friends and allies in the region other than Al-Nahyan and Al-Khalifa, not only because of the severance or reduction of ties with Iran, Qatar, Turkey, Iraq and Pakistan, but also with governments in Europe and the United States that no one trusts.

NOURNEWS - It has been about three years since Muhammad bin Salman, with the help of American-Zionist support, removed the cloak of Al-Saud's guardianship from Muhammad bin Nayef and put it on his stature.

In his initial estimates, he thought that at least until 2024, his back was warm with the support of Trump and Netanyahu, and during this period, with the death of his father, the way would begin to begin the dream period of his reign in Al-Khazami Palace, so with all his might. It eliminated its political opponents inside.

The aftermath of the 2020 US election and Netanyahu's dire situation in the occupied territories; It has made Bin Salman very worried and frustrated about his future.

He knows full well that because of Biden's good relationship with Bin Nayef and their dissatisfaction with his immature behavior on the one hand, and Netanyahu's most certain removal from power in the coming months is on the other, he will have no place to continue as he is today.

Bin Salman's current situation suggests that despite much fanfare, he has achieved virtually no significant achievements neither in the domestic nor foreign arenas, and thus tries to gain a footing with the new tenants of the White House in the days remaining of Trump's presence in power.

Authoritarian treatment of other members of the royal family in the field of domestic politics and miscalculations and childish behavior in the field of international regions has left virtually no place to support him, neither inside nor outside the peninsula.

But the Saudi covenant today, not only because of the disconnection or decline of relations with Iran, Qatar, Turkey, Iraq and Pakistan, has no friends or friends except al-Naghian and al-Khalifa in the region, which is also facing governments in Europe and the United States that none trust.

Accordingly, NOURNEWS has learned from his reliable sources in Saudi Arabia, bin Salman recently sent a message to Biden asking him for support for survival in power in exchange for donations to compensate for some of the costs of coronavirus in the United States.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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