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Publish Date : 7/29/2020 6:26:42 PM
Persian BBC and special efforts to keep Gholamreza Mansouri's case unclear

Persian BBC and special efforts to keep Gholamreza Mansouri's case unclear

The narration that the BBC Persian presents based on the alleged documents, while having gross objections, proves the importance of the physical removal of Gholamreza Mansouri by the opposition groups and foreign intelligence services, rather than indicating the implementation of a scenario by Iran.

NOURNEWS - The case of Gholamreza Mansouri, one of the defendants in the corruption case known as Akbar Tabari, is approaching its critical stages, while the special effort of the Islamic Republic's dissident currents to tell the truth upside down has complicated the issue.
In this regard; Last night, BBC Persian TV, in a report using what it calls credible documents, tried to blame Iranian government for the murder of Gholamreza Mansouri and pretend that because Mansouri was the black box of corruption of the regime's elders, Iran decided to physically remove him.
However, what the BBC Persian correspondent refers to as "documents" has serious flaws and, rather than representing a scenario from Iran, shows the importance of his physical elimination for dissident groups and foreign intelligence services. In particular, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, law enforcement, and judiciary made extensive efforts from the beginning to gain access to available information about Mansouri on Romanian soil, but were met with delays and, in some cases, sabotage by Romanian police and judiciary.
The BBC Persian report cites photos and videos that the reporter of this network claims to have obtained and shows that people have been controlling Mansouri from moment to moment. This means that foriegn services have been involved from the beginning.
Now the main question is who took the video images of Mansouri near the Iranian embassy and for what purpose and why he provided them to the BBC? If the victim was under the control of these services, why did they not prevent him from being killed by what BBC calls elements of the Iranian regime? The answer to this question is largely clear and reinforces the possibility that the murder took place on their own.
In this regard, it is very important to note that despite Iran's repeated requests to the Romanian police, so far no video of the hotel's CCTV cameras has been provided to the judiciary of the Islamic Republic! Definitely, the Romanian government should provide the camera footage to Iran as soon as possible in order to clear the accusation.
Who is the person mentioned in this report as a friend of Gholamreza Mansouri and with whom the reporter is in contact? If this person was in Romania and was so close to the victim, why did he not accompany him to the hotel and to the embassy?
Another question is; Passports are among the personal and vital documents of a person abroad, and naturally only the police and intelligence services could access them. While the BBC Persian claims that the Romanian service did not cooperate with the journalists in order to clarify the matter in order to accompany and cooperate with Iran, so how did the copy of the victim's passport reach the reporter of this network?
Another point is that; The London-based correspondent attributed the alleged suicide claim to Iran, saying that Iran had never said that Mansouri had committed suicide, but that what the judiciary had said was a quote from the Romanian police and government.
On the other hand; It should be noted that the departure of Gholamreza Mansouri from the country was a clear issue and he left the country legally. Accordingly, if, according to the BBC Persian correspondent, he was an important figure and had secrets, the judiciary could naturally have brought charges against him upon his return to Iran.
In any case; There is no doubt that some people did not want Mansouri to return to Iran, but these people were definitely not affiliated with the Islamic Republic, because the judiciary has arrested the main network, Akbar Tabari, to whom all these defendants were connected.
It seems that foreign intelligence services needed Mansouri's case to carry out the atmosphere created by groups anf media like BBC Persian and when they felt that he was going to return to Iran, they provided the ground for new atmosphere by killing him.


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