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Publish Date : 7/7/2020 5:20:53 AM
The quarrel between the corrupt princes for survival in power has escalated

Exclusive BY NOURNEWS;

The quarrel between the corrupt princes for survival in power has escalated

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is trying to announce the results of his investigation into Prince Mohammed bin Nayef soon.

NOURNEWS - The Washington Post quoted US and Saudi sources as saying that the Saudi Anti-Corruption Committee, headed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, was trying to announce the results of its investigation into Prince Mohammed bin Nayef soon.
According to the newspaper, the Saudi Anti-Corruption Committee believes that Ben Nayef transferred billions of Saudi riyals to a number of private companies and special accounts during the management of counter-terrorism programs at the Interior Ministry.
According to the report, Saudi officials have asked Ben Nayef to return the $ 15 billion stolen to the country's treasury, although it is not clear how that amount was obtained.
However, documents provided by bin Nayef's supporters show that the claim contradicts King Abdullah's royal decree because the former king authorized all of bin Nayef's activities and received an accurate annual report.
Among the documents is a confidential signature signed by King Abdullah dated December 27, 2007, stating that assistance to the Interior Minister (bin Nayef) will continue so that he can manage this amount and expenses in a way that is contrary to support anti-terrorism efforts. The ruling also authorizes Ben Naif to create "appropriate tools in the private sector" and to hide sensitive activities.
According to the report, former CIA officials were also aware of Ben Naif's control over these secret accounts. He used the accounts to finance joint US-Saudi projects.
The documents were provided to his lawyers in Britain and Switzerland and will be made available during an international legal investigation, the paper said, citing similar sources.
The Washington Post claims in its report that bin Salman is ready to formally accuse his former rival of corruption and treason. Former Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, meanwhile, was previously considered a "US hero" during the war on terror.
It seems that the roots of this conflict go back to the rivalry between the supporters of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and the courtiers of King Salman of Saudi Arabia and his son.
Mohammad bin Nayef was elected Saudi Interior Minister in 2012 and remained in office until 2017. From 2015 to 2017, he was also known as the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, but King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia chose his son bin Salman as Crown Prince, and since then Muhammad bin Nayef has been sent under house arrest and extradited on March 6, 2020. His uncle, Prince Ahmed, was arrested. A Saudi court official has told senior princes that the two men were plotting a coup and will be tried on charges of treason.
The power game is a history that has been repeated in Saudi Arabia to eliminate power rivals in various forms. With the support of his father, Muhammad bin Salman has mastered oil, economic, defense, and military policy, and by establishing economic and development committees, he is looking for unity in the Middle East. Under the chairmanship of the Anti-Corruption Committee, he now has a good opportunity to defeat his opponents and possibly his rivals one after another without any problems by imposing travel restrictions, house arrests and confiscation of property.


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