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Publish Date : 5/24/2020 2:05:18 PM
Leader of the Revolution Has a Strong Presence among the Lebanese Youth

The daughter of Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah:

Leader of the Revolution Has a Strong Presence among the Lebanese Youth

The daughter of Lebanese Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah stated: "The fact is that the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution has a strong presence among our youth and our families in Hezbollah.

NOURNEWS- Zeinab Nasrallah is the daughter of Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary general of Hezbollah in Lebanon, who is very difficult to get the media involved. She is very simple and humble person. Her style of speaking is straightforward, deep, and at the same time message-oriented. However, she agrees to have a short conversation. An opportunity to celebrate the International al-Quds Day.

A conversation in which the significance, prominent and influential role of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in the realization of the achievements and victories of the resistance was mentioned. The details of this conversation are as follows;

How did you complete your educational path?

I got married and continued my education. I had two children, but despite this I continued my education at home and took the official high school exams. After high school, I went to university. Naturally, the whole process went with the help of my husband as well as my mother. They played an important role in caring for my children, and I could not have completed my education without their help and God's grace.

Did you feel emotionally impaired as a child or teenager because of some security measures?

Security measures in my childhood were much less than in adolescence. At that time, we felt that we had to spend more time with our father because he was not very busy. During my adolescence, however, security measures increased; It was also natural because my father was in the guise of Hezbollah's secretary general.

After the 33-day war, we had even more strict security measures, at which time our meetings with our father became less and less. Naturally, many feelings and emotions were passed on to us by our father, although we would have liked these feelings and emotions to exist directly and continuously. In any case, thanks to God, our determination will not be weakened. We consider this patience and determination our responsibility alongside this great leader.

In what field did you study?

I finished high school and then studied social sciences at the Lebanese University. During my master's degree, I also studied Islamic sciences. After that, I entered Al-Mustafa International University in Lebanon and I am still studying seminary at this university.

When did you get married? How did you choose your spouse & partner?

I have always wanted to marry a Mujahid from the Mujahideen of the Islamic Resistance. After the liberation of the occupied territories in 2000, my mother and brother and I went to my aunt's house on the southern region.

My aunt lived in the same village where my husband lived. One day my husband saw me and asked her sister about me. He told his sister that he wanted to marry me. However, my husband did not know at the time that I was the daughter of Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah. However, his sister knew the situation and informed him that I was the daughter of the Lebanese Hezbollah secretary general.

When they came to our house to talk about marriage, my mother told them that he should talk to Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah first. My father also knew my husband's family well; They were from the families of the Mujahideen; The family of the martyr on the way to jihad. Praise be to God, we succeeded and we got married.

Have you ever visited Holy Shrines of all the Imams (as)? Can you tell us about the prayers & duas of Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah?

So far, we have not been able to visit all the Imams (as) and we have only visited Imam Reza (as), Imam Hussein (as) and Amir al-Mu'minin (as). Regarding my father's appeals and prayers, I must say that of course he is constantly praying, but I cannot cite the nature of these prayers and Duas as an example, because we are not very close to each other due to our father's preoccupations.

What I can say for sure is that he never left the night prayer. He has also never stopped reciting the Qur'an. As if he always takes care to fulfill various prayers.

In your opinion, what are the most important characteristics of Martyr Hadi Nasrullah?

I don't remember much about Hadi because I was 12 years old when he was martyred, and he didn't spend much time with us because of his jihadist activities. After all, he was a man of service, politeness, and faith, and he never bothered others, not even with his words. He was a very humble man and did not want anyone to know him. He had great respect for our parents.

How do you assess the role of your mother in the path of jihad of her husband and children?

My mother, like other Mujahideen women, endured her husband's long absence and took responsibility for raising her children. She did this in difficult security circumstances. she really commited to this way of jihad. she helped my father and brother on the path to jihad. Not only did she not weaken the determination of my father and brother, but she also strengthened their resolve. This is the responsibility of all Mujahideen women.

In your opinion, what effect does the words of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution have on the Lebanese youth?

Let me talk about Hezbollah youth. The fact is that the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution has a strong presence among our youth and our families in Hezbollah. As a leader, he is at the revolutionary level and at the religious level he is considered the supreme leader. His words and expressions have a special effect on all people, and all those who heard these words will try to put them into practice.

How do you see the positions of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in support of the resistance?

The fact is that the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution has provided and continues to provide two types of support to the resistance: One is spiritual support and the other is material support.

The spiritual support of the Supreme Leader was through statements and statements addressed to the Lebanese people, especially in difficult circumstances such as the 33-day war. This spiritual support gave us quintessence and motivation.

In addition, the material support of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution and Iran in general has always included resistance. This type of support, along with spiritual support, has played an important role in maintaining and promoting the determination and will of the resistance. So far, this support has led to many achievements and successes for the resistance in Lebanon. Therefore, I ask God Almighty to solve some of the problems that the Iranian nation and its leaders are facing; Thus, Iran remains a stronghold of resistance against the United States and the Zionist regime.

How do you see the future of the Zionist regime and its aftermath?

What we believe about the end of the Zionist regime is the promise of God Almighty in the Holy Quran. In Surah Al-Isra ', God Almighty has promised His Mujahideen to enter Al-Aqsa Mosque. This means the decline of the occupying Zionist regime. We ask God Almighty to fulfill this promise in our present age.

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