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Publish Date : 5/20/2020 4:21:59 PM
UAE's first plane lands at Ben Gurion Airport

UAE's first plane lands at Ben Gurion Airport

Israeli media have reported that an Emirati cargo plane carrying medical equipment arrived at Ben Gurion Airport for the first time.

NOURNEWS- Israeli media quoted a regime official as saying that the UAE's Al-Ittihad cargo plane landed for the first time at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.

"Tonight, a 'historic' incident will take place at Ben Gurion Airport," Jaki Hawji, an Israeli writer and journalist for Middle East affairs, said on Tuesday. An UAE-owned Al-Ittihad airline will land for the first time on a direct flight from Abu Dhabi to Ben Gurion Airport.

"There has been coordination between Abu Dhabi and Israeli officials," he tweeted. The aircraft carries more than 10 tons of medical equipment to deal with the corona. This equipment is Abu Dhabi's aid to the Palestinians. The equipment will be delivered to the United Nations to be handed over to medical staff in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority.

In another tweet, he revealed: Al-Ittihad Airlines is a state-owned company owned by the Al-Nahyan family. There are no official relations between Israel and the UAE, but they have strong behind-the-scenes relations.

Al-Ittihad Emirates, on the other hand, said it had sent medical equipment to the occupied Palestinian territories by air.

A spokesman for the company said that on May 19, a cargo plane transported medical equipment to the occupied territories for the Palestinians.



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