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Publish Date : 5/19/2020 1:55:46 PM
Israel must be sanctioned

Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority:

Israel must be sanctioned

The Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority called for a boycott of the Zionist regime.

NOURNEWS- Former Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Ashtiyeh called for a boycott of the Zionist regime last Monday evening.

He told the United Nations that countries that oppose the annexation of the West Bank and even countries that have not yet recognized an independent Palestinian state should boycott Israel.

"What we want is an embargo on Israel," he said. What we want is the recognition of a Palestinian state. Israel must feel the opposition of others. That's why we ask you for help. "The destruction of the two-state solution must stop."

"Israel is not seeking a two-state solution," he said. "They are just looking for the annexation of our lands."



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