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Publish Date : 5/18/2020 10:28:31 PM
Launch of the US Air Force's "mysterious" spacecraft

Launch of the US Air Force's "mysterious" spacecraft

The US Air Force spacecraft was launched into Earth orbit with an Atlas 5 rocket. The spacecraft's previous mission lasted two years. Explaining the current mission of this spacecraft, some NASA experiments have been mentioned.

NOURNEWS- The U.S. Air Force has once again launched its X-37B unmanned aerial vehicle into Earth orbit. The X-37B, the maker of the Boeing, announced on Sunday (May 28th) that the spacecraft, launched with the Atlas Five, had been successfully launched from the Cape Canoral Space Station.

This is the sixth launch of the X37B spacecraft into space, which is similar to NASA's space shuttles. US Secretary of Defense Mark Spur has congratulated the spacecraft on its successful launch.

The spacecraft is set to orbit a satellite, and some experiments have been performed on its mission. Some German-language media outlets have reported the spacecraft's "mysterious mission."

In a report, Boeing writes about two NASA experiments on a new X-37B mission. Examination of the effects of radiation and other spatial factors on some materials and seeds used in food production is one of these experiments.

Another research project in the framework of this mission, according to Boeing, is the conversion of solar energy into high-frequency microwave energy to transfer it to Earth. Testing space technology satellites and reusable launch systems are other projects Boeing has outlined as part of its new mission.

The X37B was first unveiled in April 2010. The spacecraft's previous mission lasted 780 days before returning to Earth in October last year. According to Boeing, the spacecraft was originally designed for missions of up to 270 days.

US officials have not released information on how long the spacecraft's sixth mission will take.


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