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Publish Date : 5/18/2020 9:24:39 PM
Ambassador of Palestine: Nakba, the lesson of resistance taught us

Ambassador of Palestine: Nakba, the lesson of resistance taught us

"The anniversary of the expulsion of the Palestinians from their ancestral land, known as the Day of Judgment, has taught our people a lesson in resistance and philanthropy," said the ambassador and representative of the Palestinian Authority in Britain.

NOURNEWS- Hessam Zamlat, who grew up in a camp in the Gaza Strip, said: "For me, the day of Nakba does not mean the loss of land, house, house and belongings, although they are precious possessions, but misery means the feelings and memories of a The nation is as big as Palestine.

"The displaced generation that raised people like me in the camp taught the new generation of Palestinians to learn the lesson of humanity from" misery "and to take the path of resistance," he said in a statement on the anniversary of the tragedy.

The Palestinian ambassador added: "That is why our country has the lowest number of illiterate people and the highest number of doctoral graduates in the world."

He stressed that the anniversary of the tragedy reminds us of the greatness of the Palestinian people and the assurance of their bright future.

May 15, 1948, marks the forced migration of millions of Palestinians from their ancestral lands, which were attacked by Zionist militias backed by Britain and the United States and led to many horrific crimes against the region and against humanity.

Zionist occupiers occupied about 80 percent of Palestine after attacking 774 villages and towns in the Palestinian territories and killing 15,000 Muslim and Christian civilians, and the survivors of the humanitarian catastrophe along the Jordan River, the Gaza Strip and neighboring countries such as Syria. Jordan and Lebanon migrated.

The displacement of the Palestinians was the result of the formation of the first Zionist nuclei in 1897 (1276 AD) in the Swiss city of Bal, and the transfer of Palestinian sovereignty to Britain and the subsequent issuance of the Balfour Declaration by the then British Foreign Secretary in 1917. In 1947, with the 181st resolution, the United States divided Palestine into Zionist and Arab divisions, and a year later the Zionists, who saw the seal of their occupation as a sign of full Western support, realized the long-held dream of "Zionism from the Nile to the Euphrates." They started a new chapter of killing, violence and occupation; As many as 160,000 Arab-Palestinian Palestinians remained in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Every year, the Palestinian people and their supporters around the world, with the arrival of the 15th of May, held special programs in the form of meetings with thinkers and protests in the city. But this year, due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), protesters revived the anniversary of the occupation of Palestine with Palestinian flags in cyberspace.

This year, the British Shiites have been preparing to raise the Palestinian flag in cyberspace for the last ten days of the holy month of Ramadan due to the approaching anniversary of the Day of Judgment and World Al-Quds Day, which has been well received internationally.



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