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Publish Date : 5/12/2020 10:58:04 AM
We have no negotiations to pay compensation to Britain / no negotiations with the United States

We have no negotiations to pay compensation to Britain / no negotiations with the United States

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country emphasized: We have not taken any action or negotiations to pay compensation for the issue of the British Embassy in Tehran.

NOURNEWS- Regarding British statements and requests for compensation from Iran for damaging the British embassy in Tehran, Mohammad Javad Zarif said: "There are provisions in international law and the Iranian government has announced that it is committed to protecting foreign embassies in Tehran." The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and all the officials of the country emphasize this point. The two sides have to negotiate the details of the issue, and no talks have taken place yet.

The foreign minister also responded to a question about whether the 12th Syrian oil block had been handed over to Iran. He said: "Currently, Syria is moving towards stability and peace, and the terrorists have been limited to only a few points. We have joint projects in which cooperation in the field of energy is also involved."

Noting that we have cooperated well for the development of Syria and its economic issues, Zarif continued: "I do not have detailed information about the details of which oil field we are in or will be in, nor can I enter into this issue."

"There is no negotiation with the United States," he said. "The Americans have shown that the outcome of their talks cannot be trusted."

"In recent days, some analysts have been talking about negotiations with the United States," he said. "Almost the world has come to the conclusion that if they want to negotiate with the United States, they will ignore the agreement whenever the United States wants to." Instead of making excuses, he should correct his behavior.



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