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Publish Date : 5/5/2020 2:30:12 PM
Lebanon summons German ambassador

Lebanon summons German ambassador

The Lebanese foreign minister has summoned Berlin's ambassador to Beirut following Germany's move to ban the operation and call it a "terrorist" act by Hezbollah.

NOURNEWS- Lebanese Foreign Minister Nassif Hatta summoned German Ambassador to Beirut George Berglen and asked him to explain Berlin's move to ban Hezbollah and call it "terrorist".

"Hezbollah is one of the main organizations and parties in Lebanon and represents a wide range of Lebanese people and is part of the Lebanese parliament," Nassif said.

Explaining the reasons for the German government's decision, he said that the decision had been made a long time ago and had recently been implemented.

"The German government does not consider Hezbollah a 'terrorist' and only bans it in Germany," said George Berglen.

The German Interior Ministry announced last Thursday that it was taking action against suspected Hezbollah suspects.

Calling Hezbollah a "terrorist", the ministry banned its activities in the European country.



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