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Publish Date : 5/5/2020 12:41:52 AM
Russia's response to the joint US-British exercise in the North Pole

Russia's response to the joint US-British exercise in the North Pole

Russia has reacted recently to a joint US-British naval exercise, saying it was closely monitoring the exercise.

NOURNEWS- Russia has reacted to a recent joint exercise between the US and British navies, saying it is monitoring the situation.

ussia's National Defense Operations Center said in a statement that it was monitoring NATO ships in the Barents Sea, including three American ships, the Porter, Donald Cook and Franklin Roosevelt and one and the warship is for British.

According to news sources, the United Kingdom and the United States are holding a joint military exercise with the presence of naval vessels and submarines of the two countries in the waters adjacent to the North Pole.

The exercise was said to have involved four US and British ships, a US submarine and a Posidan-8 reconnaissance aircraft.

In this regard, the US Sixth Fleet has issued a statement emphasizing its 70-year history of presence in the region, stating that the purpose of holding this exercise is to strengthen its allies.

The exercise comes just days after a Russian military exercise in the north of the country using air force exercises.

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