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Publish Date : 6/23/2024 10:00:31 AM
Hezbollah releases footage of sensitive Israeli targets as Tel Aviv tempts war

Hezbollah releases footage of sensitive Israeli targets as Tel Aviv tempts war

Hezbollah has released a video showing an array of sensitive sites across the occupied territories as the Israeli regime tempts war with the Lebanese resistance movement.

The movement’s Military Media released the footage on Sunday.

Reporting on the video, Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen television network identified the sites as “vital Israeli targets only known to the occupation's security apparatus.”

The sites depicted in the footage included the Research Center at the Israeli regime’s Dimona nuclear reactor in the Negev Desert, the Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv, and Nevatim Airbase -- one of the regime’s largest such outposts.

Some other important targets were listed as the HaKirya complex in Tel Aviv -- which houses the regime’s Ministry of Security besides accommodating its General Staff and many senior military officials -- as well as the Ramat David Airbase -- the regime's northernmost such outpost -- and the Karish Gas Field off Lebanon’s coast.

The footage’s release followed only a few days Hezbollah’s releasing of a video of its surveillance aircraft flying over swathes of occupied territories. The movement described the video as only the first episode of what was yet to come.

The Israeli regime began waging sporadic attacks against the country following the onset of Tel Aviv’s ongoing genocidal war on the Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023, prompting a firefight with Hezbollah.

The exchange of fire has intensified since the Israeli assassination of senior Hezbollah commander Sami Taleb Abdullah.

The movement has retaliated by firing hundreds of rockets into the northern parts of the occupied territories.

On Tuesday, the Israeli army said it had approved plans for an attack on Lebanon, raising concerns that the regime might try to realize threats that it will turn Lebanon into another Gaza.

In a recent speech, however, Hezbollah’s Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, asserted that “in case an inclusive war is imposed on Lebanon, the resistance will fight without restraints, without rules, without limits.”

“Whoever thinks of war against us will regret it,” the Hezbollah leader noted.

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