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Publish Date : 6/23/2024 9:14:44 AM
Synergy among Asian nations a priority of ACD summit

Synergy among Asian nations a priority of ACD summit

A senior Iranian Foreign Ministry official says creating synergy among member states of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) is a top priority of the group's upcoming summit in Tehran.

Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Diplomacy Mehdi Safari told reporters on Saturday that one of the goals of the ACD's meeting of foreign ministers is to achieve synergy between Asian countries in various areas.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry will host top diplomats from at least 30 ACD countries on Sunday and Monday for a conference focusing on ways to promote cooperation among member states.

Safari said, "The ACD is the largest organization formed in Asia. The gathering of this number of countries in Iran is considered a success."

He outlined the six committees proposed by Iran for the meeting, including committees on transit and communications, science, technology and trade, tourism and culture, education and human resources, and inclusive and sustainable development.

Safari noted that the ACD summit in Tehran provides a good platform for member states to enhance cooperation between the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and BRICS.

He added that some countries are cautious in their bilateral relations with the Islamic Republic due to Western sanctions, but in such forums, "better utilization of capacities can be made".

The official also mentioned that the final communiqué of the conference will include a paragraph on the war in Gaza.

Iran has played host to key ACD meetings in Iran in the past, including a summit of foreign ministers, a meeting of heads of chambers of commerce and a conference of tourism ministers in the historic city of Yazd.


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