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Publish Date : 6/22/2024 10:33:19 AM
Hezbollah conducts 6 strikes against Israeli positions

Hezbollah conducts 6 strikes against Israeli positions

The Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah says its fighters carried out six attacks on military positions of the Israeli regime in northern occupied Palestine on Friday.

In a statement on Saturday, Hezbollah confirmed the six attacks but did not point to the potential casualties of the strikes.

The operations against Israeli military positions show Hezbollah’s missile and drone power and warn the regime’s senior commanders against any escalation in southern Lebanon.

Israeli Reserve General Itzhak Brik said on Friday night that any attack on Hezbollah would bring about a regional and widespread war.

He cautioned that the innovative plan proposed by the chief of staff of the Israeli army and the war minister to launch a comprehensive attack on Hezbollah would lead to a regional war on six fronts, ultimately leading to the destruction of Israel itself.

Following the onset of the Israeli onslaught on the Gaza Strip, Hezbollah started targeting Israeli military positions in the north of the occupied territories. The Zionist regime has responded by targeting residential areas in southern Lebanon, killing Hezbollah members and civilians.


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