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Publish Date : 6/21/2024 6:43:15 PM
Iran, Russia discuss comprehensive strategic agreement

Iran, Russia discuss comprehensive strategic agreement

Iranian and Russian officials discussed enhancing their bilateral legal framework and achieving a comprehensive strategic partnership during a recent meeting in Moscow.

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced that Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko, and Director General of International Legal Affairs of the Iranian Foreign Ministry Seyed Ali Mousavi, have recently exchanged views on the comprehensive strategic agreement between Moscow and Tehran.

According to a report from TASS, cited by the IRNA news agency on Friday, discussions during the meeting centered on the current bilateral agenda between Iran and Russia, aiming to advance the legal framework of their relations to achieve a comprehensive strategic partnership level.

The report further stated that the parties agreed to maintain close coordination on bilateral issues of international legal interest.

Previously, Ali Baqeri, the acting Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, affirmed Tehran and Moscow's strong resolve to enhance their bilateral cooperation across multiple domains.

Baqri, in an interview on June 12, 2024, on the sidelines of the BRICS Foreign Ministers' meeting in Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod, emphasized that Iran and Russia, as neighboring countries with historical and deep-rooted relations, are committed to strengthening their ties.

He highlighted that in recent years, the scope of relations between Iran and Russia has significantly broadened, with shared challenges presenting mutual opportunities for Tehran and Moscow.

The acting Iranian Minister affirmed that building on this foundation, both countries are resolutely committed to advancing their bilateral cooperation across various fields.

"The growing trend of cooperation between the two countries shows that the leaders of both countries are determined to strengthen relations and take advantage of all opportunities for their benefits," Baqeri stated.

On June 12, 2024, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reiterated Moscow's commitment to finalizing a comprehensive long-term cooperation agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran, stating, "Moscow is dedicated to concluding this memorandum with Tehran."

Lavrov, speaking at the conclusion of the BRICS Foreign Ministers Council meeting in Nizhny Novgorod, elaborated that regarding the state cooperation agreement between Iran and Russia, while the draft text has been fully agreed upon, it remains unsigned.

He emphasized that both countries' presidents must approve this agreement before it can be finalized.

Continuing, Lavrov affirmed, "Although these steps have yet to be undertaken, in discussions with the acting Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, we reiterated our commitment to this document."

The Russian Foreign Minister, stating that the signing of this document will elevate Tehran-Moscow relations to a very new stage, emphasized, "As soon as the stages I mentioned are implemented in Iran, we can do this."

The spokesman for the Russian President's office, Dmitry Peskov, confirmed in a press conference that work on the comprehensive strategic agreement between Russia and the Islamic Republic of Iran continues. He acknowledged potential delays due to Iran's upcoming presidential election and internal processes but stressed that these would not alter the fundamental direction of the negotiations.

He added that Russia intends to further develop its relations with Iran and accordingly upgrade the legal framework between the two countries.


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