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Publish Date : 6/20/2024 9:07:54 AM
BRICS prosecutors call for joint fight against money laundering, terrorism

BRICS prosecutors call for joint fight against money laundering, terrorism

Attorney Generals of BRICS member states during their sixth meeting meeting in Russia have emphasized the need to jointly fight against money laundering and terrorism.

The meeting was held with the participation of representatives of the Prosecutor General's Offices of Iran, Russia, China, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Brazil, India and Ethiopia in St. Petersburg on Wednesday.

In this meeting, the Iranian representative, while honoring martyred President Ebrahim Raisi said that Iran's membership in BRICS was the result of a period of dynamic diplomacy, which emphasized the policy of regional cooperation and multilateralism in the changing world order.

Iran's Prosecutor General Mohammad Movahhedi-Azad underlined that within the framework of the same policy, the aggression of the Zionist regime against the oppressed people in Gaza “is considered a threat to world peace and security”.

Referring to the BRICS meeting regarding the role of modern technologies in the prevention and control of crimes, especially in the digital space, he said that on the one hand, modern technologies have contributed to the well-being of human societies, and on the other, they have provided opportunities for abuse by criminals.

“Terrorism and recruitment of terrorists, hidden financial exchanges and money laundering and cyber-attacks are among the common challenges that require solutions and collective technical and legal assistance from governments to create a secure structure to protect the rights of their citizens”, he added.

In the final statement, chief justices of BRICS member states pointed to the essential role of digital solutions in supporting the rule of law and fighting crime, the sharing of best practices in the development and introduction of digital solutions, the need for advanced training of members, the fight against the use of information and communication technology for terrorism purposes, and combating corruption and crimes in accordance with domestic laws.


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