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Publish Date : 6/19/2024 8:28:54 PM
Hamid Nouri's release from Swedish jail a blow to MKO: Lawyer

Hamid Nouri's release from Swedish jail a blow to MKO: Lawyer

The family lawyer of Hamid Nouri says the release of former Iranian judiciary official from prison in Sweden has left the Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO) in astonishment and further isolated the terrorist group.

The MKO fought against their own people alongside former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein during the 1980s war, and understandably even Europeans have never truly trusted them, Heibatollah Nazhandi told IRNA on Wednesday.

"Therefore, the authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Nouri's release has left them in astonishment," he said.

Nouri was arrested at the Stockholm Airport in November 2019 and was immediately sent to jail. The charges against Nouri stemmed from accusations leveled against him by the MKO, which is currently based in Albania. He was finally released and returned home on Saturday.

"The MKO were also defeated both politically and legally in the case of Assadollah Assadi," Nazhandi said.

Assadi was another Iranian diplomat who was arrested by Belgian authorities in 2018 in violation of his diplomatic immunity and on charges of planning an attack against the MKO. He was released from jail last year.


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