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Publish Date : 6/9/2024 6:36:58 PM
Qoqnus-e Qalam media campaign winners celebrated

Qoqnus-e Qalam media campaign winners celebrated

A ceremony to honor the winners of the media campaign “Qoqnus-e Qalam” and celebrate journalists martyred in Gaza was held on June 9 in Tehran in the presence of Foreign Ministry Spokesman Naser Kanaani and Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Farshad MehdiPour. The Nournews website also participated in the campaign and won prizes in different sections.

NOURENEWS: Organized by the Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance in media and advertisement affairs, the ceremony was also attended by Naser Abusharif, the residing representative of Islamic Jihad of Palestine.

Addressing the attendees, Kanaani said that over the past two years, the more he got closer to the press crew, the more he found them valuable and hardworking.

Stating that the role of media in supporting Palestine will last forever, Kanaani said that today, Palestine is a grand field for testing the human community, including all nations, institutes, international organizations, human rights entities, and both governmental and non-governmental organizations.


“Everyone has exposed their true nature over the past eight months in this field to be judged by the global community,” he said.

He noted that the issue of Palestine is the most important issue in the world, adding that the Palestinian nation has proved to be a resistant, lively, and lasting nation that will never surrender in the pursuit of its rights.

“Palestine is today the nation that has made other nations bow in its honor, which is so valuable,” he said.

He noted that international organizations have shown their failure in supporting and maintaining international peace and security and are under the influence of tyrant powers that misuse them for their wicked goals.

He added that independent and resistance media outlets have managed to overcome the so-called mainstream media, just like the people of Palestine, and narrate the facts about the oppressed people of Palestine.

He also mentioned the names of Ebrahim Raisi, the late Iranian president, and Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, the late Foreign Minister, stating that the actualization of foreign policy’s highly valuable goals and resistance against the Zionist regime was always in their minds.

Regarding the role of media, Kanaani said, “Independent and regional media outlets and those affiliated with the Resistance movement emerged successful and proud in this hard and heavy test and sacrificed themselves to narrate the truth and the demands of Palestinians.”

“It is important that independent media outlets and those affiliated with the resistance could influence the wicked trend managed by international imperialism and overcome the mainstream media affiliated with the West to narrate the bitter and sweet realities of the Palestinian scenes and transfer the innocent and resistance voices of Palestinians to the world. This showed the extent of media power and that they can actualize the motto ‘we can’ willfully,” he noted.

He emphasized that the Islamic Republic of Iran is honored for always standing with the innocent and patient people of Palestine and will stay with them forever.

In his part, Alireza Shiravi, the director-general of foreign media outlets at the Ministry of Culture, paid tribute to the Martyrs of Service and Gaza martyred journalists, saying they did not allow the voice of the people of Gaza to get lost in the noise created by the Zionist regime.

“About 147 journalists have so far been martyred while on duty in Gaza, which is higher than the number of journalists who lost their lives in Gaza since the establishment of the Zionist regime,” he said.

He stated that journalists who lost their lives in Gaza were successful in portraying realities in the uneven fight.

“With the martyrdom of the 140th journalist in Gaza, the media campaign ‘Qoqnus-e Qalam’ was initiated, in which 700 national and 200 foreign works were sent to the secretariat of the event.”

“Aside from the 229 works that were sent from Tehran, the cities of Isfahan, Kermanshah, and Hamedan had the most participants in this campaign.”

The works were judged in different categories, including text, voice, graphic design, and video.

Naser Abusharif also highlighted the significant role of the press in transferring the images and realities of Gaza and said what they do is not less important than the resistance of the people.

“We see the information transfer by the Zionist regime has weakened, while the media are showing the real images of Gaza,” he added.

The Nournews website also participated in the campaign and won prizes in different sections, including podcast (Mahdie Abdollah), video (Shahabedin Mohammadi), headline (Maryam Jahan-Panah), and video production (Hanieh Alipour).

The campaign of Qoqnus-e Qalam was held concurrent with the martyrdom of the 140th journalist in Gaza to identify and appreciate the influential role of enlightening media workers who could defeat the fake Zionist regime in the battle of media.


Qoqnus is the name of a mythical bird that rises from ash, and Qalam means pen in English.



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