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Publish Date : 6/4/2024 7:54:05 PM
Details of proposed European Troika resolution against Iran

Details of proposed European Troika resolution against Iran

NOURNEWS – The European Troika of Britain, France, and Germany has submitted a draft resolution to the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, calling for increased cooperation between the two sides.

The document, submitted to the IAEA secretariat late yesterday, will be put to a vote at the upcoming Board of Governors meeting in the coming days.

The resolution, excerpts of which have been seen by journalists, calls on Tehran to take "necessary and urgent actions" to resolve outstanding safeguards-related issues.

It also urges Iran to implement, "without delay," the so-called March 4 statement on resolving all outstanding issues between Iran and the IAEA, and to reinstate the agency's inspectors, whose accreditation Iran had revoked, invoking its sovereign rights under Article 9 of the Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement.

The document further calls on Tehran to provide "credible explanations" regarding "human-made uranium particles at two undeclared locations in Iran" and to inform the IAEA of the current location(s) of any nuclear material and/or contaminated equipment.

The proposed resolution claims that if Iran fails to provide "necessary, full and prompt cooperation" with the IAEA to resolve all outstanding safeguards issues, the IAEA Director-General may be requested to provide a "comprehensive and updated assessment regarding the possible presence or use of undeclared nuclear material or activities ... in relation to Iran's nuclear program, based on the information available."



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