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Publish Date : 5/24/2024 4:38:15 PM
Martyr Raisi a source of honor for Ummah: Houthi

Martyr Raisi a source of honor for Ummah: Houthi

Yemen's Ansarullah leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi has hailed President Ebrahim Raisi as a "source of honor for the Islamic Ummah and a brave person in defense of Iran and Islamic countries".

"Martyr Raisi was the conveyor of Iran's position towards the issues of the Islamic Ummah and he expressed it firmly and boldly," Houthi said, according to Press TV.

"Many leaders speak in a tone that always takes into account what might anger the Americans, but Ayatollah Raisi was different from the rest of the leaders and spoke with a clear and bold voice regardless of American pressure and stood out from the others," he added.

The Ansarullah leader touched on the participation of millions at President Raisi's funeral, saying it showed his good relations with the nation and how he was different from many leaders around the world.

"Martyr Raisi was an Islamic leader whom the Islamic Ummah can be proud of on a moral and scientific level. Mr. Raisi is a role model in his position of responsibility and in relation to his people, and this is an important lesson for other leaders," Houthi said.

"Ayatollah Raisi considered himself a servant of his people and demonstrated this in practice until the last moment of his life, and this is an important lesson," he added.

Houthi also paid tribute to the Islamic Republic of Iran, saying it has stood by the people of Palestine in a unique and distinguished way.

"Iran has put the issues of the Islamic Ummah and the oppressed, including the oppressed people of Yemen, in the forefront of its attention."

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