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Publish Date : 5/22/2024 7:22:39 PM
Mokhber: Iran adheres to all agreements with Armenia

Mokhber: Iran adheres to all agreements with Armenia

Stating that the policy of developing Iran's relations with neighbors will continue seriously, Acting President Mohammad Mokhber said that everyone witnessed the message that the people of Iran sent to the world after the martyrdom of their president.

In the meeting with the Prime Minister of Armenia, which took place this morning and before the start of the ceremony to pay tribute by the leaders and officials of foreign countries to Iran's martyrs, Mohammad Mokhbar described and clarified the martyrdom of the President, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and their other companions as a heavy and great loss for the nation and the government of Iran.

"The main component of power in Iran is the people, and everyone witnessed what message these people sent to the world in recent days in response to the martyrdom of their servant and president," he added.

Mokhber stated that a long historical and civilizational history has created an extraordinary strength for Iran that even events such as the loss of a popular and serving president, despite all the bitterness and misfortune, cannot create a disruption in the determination and will of the people and the order of affairs in this country.

Referring to the main foreign policy strategy of the people's government in expanding relations and cooperation with the neighbors, the acting president stated that this strategy will not change and will continue with strength. "We will adhere to all our commitments and agreements with Armenia and will follow their implementation seriously."

Stating that the Al-Aqsa storm operation and the True Promise operation have changed the power equations in the world, he said, "Today, all the powers of the world are standing behind the Zionist regime against several thousand resistance fighters in a small, limited and surrounded piece of land, sky and sea, but after 8 months and committing unprecedented and brutal crimes, they could not do anything against them, and this shows that the world order is changing."

In this meeting, the Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, while expressing his deep regret and condolences on behalf of himself and the people of his country, following the martyrdom of President Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi, the minister of foreign affairs and a group of his companions, said, "Our presence in Tehran today is beyond It is from an official and government meeting and is caused by my close and personal relations and interest towards Raisi and Amir-Abdollahian."

The Prime Minister of Armenia stated that the two countries had very good agreements with each other during the presidential term, which created a very clear prospect for improving the level of bilateral relations, and added, "The Armenian government is fully committed to the implementation of these agreements in order to secure the interests of the two countries. And the two nations are committed."

Pointing out that Armenia's good relations with Iran are not acceptable and desirable for some people, Pashinian stated, "Armenia has clearly stated that it does not care about these oppositions and is seriously pursuing the all-round expansion of relations and cooperation with Iran."

He stated that Iran has always been a great and effective land and civilization at any time of the history of the past thousands of years, and said, "I hope that we will always have cordial, friendly and expanding relations with each other in the long years to come."


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