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Publish Date : 5/19/2024 1:31:46 PM
Iran, Azerbaijan inaugurate joint Qiz Qalasi Dam

Iran, Azerbaijan inaugurate joint Qiz Qalasi Dam

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi and his Azerbaijani counterpart Ilham Aliyev have inaugurated Qiz Qalasi Dam jointly built by the two sides and regarded as a new symbol of friendship and brotherhood between the two neighbors.

Raisi and Aliyev inaugurated the dam on Sunday morning after touring different parts of the facility located on the border river of Aras. They were provided with details on the construction process of the dam and the benefits of the project for the two sides.

The construction of the Qiz Qalasi Dam began two decades ago. It helps increase the water reserve at the nearby upstream Khoda-Afarin Dam by 2 billion cubic meters per year through channels and networks leading to plains in the Iranian provinces of East Azarbaijan and Ardebil as well as the Azerbaijan Republic.

Qiz Qalasi Dam also helps boost development in the tourism and agriculture sectors while paving the way for hydropower generation. The aim is to produce 270 GW/h of electricity per annum.

It is the third dam jointly built by Iran and Azerbaijan after the Aras and Khoda-Afarin dams. The newly-inaugurated project is seen as a symbol of friendship between the two countries following the ups and downs in their ties in recent years in the wake of attempts by outside parties, especially the Zionist regime, to interfere in Tehran-Baku relations.  

On the sidelines of the inauguration ceremony of the Qiz Qalasi Dam, the Iranian and Azerbaijani presidents held talks, discussing bilateral issues and regional developments.

No one can create division between Iran, Azerbaijan

No one can create misunderstanding and division between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Azeri president said, hailing the great historical friendship between the Iranian and Azeri nations.

Ilham Aliyev made the remarks while addressing the Inauguration ceremony of the Qiz-Qalasi Dam in the East Azarbaijan Province on Sunday.

This ceremony once again shows the friendship of the two countries; Today, the whole world is witnessing how great is the friendship between Iran and Azerbaijan, the president of Azerbaijan said.

He went on to say, "The friendship between the two countries has a long history, and our people have lived in the same place for centuries, and today the relations between the two countries are at the highest level."

"The joint projects between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan, which are being implemented in the field of transportation, are of special importance for us and the region," Aliyev said, adding that the development of Iran-Azerbaijan relations is on a good track.

The North-South corridor is very important for the region, and with the modernization of the railway infrastructure in Iran and Azerbaijan, this corridor will become the most vital transport vessel in the world, he noted.

Today, the new Aghband bridge will be put into operation, which is part of the North-South corridor and connects the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan, the Azeri president also said.





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