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Publish Date : 5/18/2024 2:52:36 PM
More incentives needed to boost birth rate: Raisi

More incentives needed to boost birth rate: Raisi

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has called for the introduction of more incentives to encourage families and young couples to boost the birth rate in Iran.

NOURNEWS: President Raisi emphasized on Saturday that to help increase the birth rate in the country, family concerns, especially financial ones, must be addressed. Housing is the most significant concern discouraging young people from getting married.

"Family is a key part of any society, which needs to be empowered partly through giving birth to children," Raisi stated.

The president noted that his government has already initiated measures to boost housing, including constructing housing units for newly-wed students at Mashhad University.

Raisi highlighted additional measures to support this goal, such as providing free medical services to treat infertility and offering free medical care to children under 7. He also called for stricter control of abortion, limiting it to cases deemed necessary by physicians.

Furthermore, the president emphasized the importance of monitoring the effectiveness of various incentives aimed at increasing the birth rate. He advocated for continuing and enhancing effective incentives while revising and modifying those that are unsuccessful.


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