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Publish Date : 5/6/2024 10:31:48 AM
Two-state solution idea; the cure which is worse than the disease

Two-state solution idea; the cure which is worse than the disease

NOURNEWS – The "two-state solution" is one of the contentious proposals that faces serious opposition both in Palestine and in the Zionist regime, but the US and some European allies consider it a salvaging version of the current situation. Asghar Zarei, an expert in regional issues, discussed this topic with Nournews.

Zarei described accepting the two-state plan as legitimizing the Zionist regime and emphasized that this plan lacks a legal basis.

After 8 months since the beginning of "Operation Al-Aqsa Storm" and the failure of the Zionist regime to achieve its initial goals, as well as increasing international pressure on this criminal regime regarding the genocide in Gaza, the issue of Palestine and the liberation of Al-Quds has become a global discourse.

He stated that today the Zionist regime feels threatened by its traditional allies such as Europe and North America. The Zionist regime, before the Operation Al-Aqsa Storm, sought to expand its foreign relations, soften and improve relations with hostile countries, including some Islamic and Arab countries, and took significant steps, such as the Abraham Accord, but today we see that after 8 months of the tragedies in Gaza, the file of the peace plan has been closed.

Zarei added, one of the hidden efforts of the Zionist regime and the US is to pretend that relations between the Zionist regime and Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan are still normal and that there has been no change in Israel's relations with these countries.

Zarei reiterated that in fact, one of Israel and the US demands from the leaders of Arab countries in the region is to confront public opinion pressures and resist against the Zionist regime in the region, and not allow these resistances and pressures against Tel Aviv to increase.

The expert continued, the US and the Zionist regime are making serious efforts to convince the leaders of Arab countries to support them by making promises such as military support using modern equipment and weapons under the guise of the delusive "Iranophobia" project and, of course, promising to build a nuclear power plant for them.

He stated that the two-state solution for solving the Palestinian problem is fundamentally illogical, saying, accepting the two-state plan is actually legitimizing an illegitimate and cursed regime that has been occupying Palestinian territories for over 75 years. Accepting it is what the collaborationist movement in the region, on the West Bank, and the Mahmoud Abbas movement and the like have had a positive approach to and have accepted it.



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