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Publish Date : 4/24/2024 5:31:38 PM
Iran not to surrender to West's bullying, sanctions

Iran not to surrender to West's bullying, sanctions

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution says that Iran will not succumb to the West's sanctions through which the enemies seek to impose their hegemonic dictates on the country.

On the first day of Labor Week, a group of workers from all over the country met with the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei at Imam Khomeini (ra) Hussainiyah in Tehran on Wednesday morning.

Referring to the cruel sanctions of the enemies against Iran, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said that the purpose of the sanctions is to put pressure on the Islamic Establishment to follow their colonial and arrogant path, adding that the Islamic Establishment would never surrender to this.

The alive nation of Iran creates an opportunity for itself from the hostility of the enemies, Leader noted, stating that great progress in the weaponry production field is a clear example of this issue, as well as other great progress in other sectors.

The Leader said that different countries, nations, and cultures have Workers Day, but the material world and Islam have two different views on workers, adding that the material world looks at the worker as a tool but Islam's view of the worker comes from its value for work itself.

"Today we are facing an economic war, like the eight years of imposed war after the Revolution, " the Leader said, noting that the US and its allies are fighting with Iran and the Islamic Establishment.

He further emphasized that the workers and entrepreneurs are on the front line in fighting the economic war.

Regarding economic sanctions against Iran, he stated that the US and some European countries confess that sanctions against Iran are unprecedented in history.

They impose sanctions on Iran because of false reasons such as accusing Iran of the issues related to nuclear energy and human rights, he said, pointing out that the reason for Iran's sanctions is supporting Gaza.

The Leader underlined that the enmity is due to Iran's independence which does not accept bullying and does not follow the arrogant's failed policies, the leader

Regarding the pro-Palestine march all over the world, the Leader noted that we witness today that not only Iran but people in the US cities are supporting Gaza and Hezbollah.


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