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Publish Date : 4/23/2024 9:35:05 AM
Bloody dollars

On US $۹۵b aid package against Russia, China and Gaza

Bloody dollars

The US House of Representatives passed a $95 billion legislative package providing security assistance to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, which is simply regarded as financial and weaponry aids against Russia, People of Gaza and China.

NOURNEWS: Democrats and Republicans in the US House of Representatives united after six months of disagreements and intervals to provide Ukraine with financial and weaponry aid on Saturday. During a meeting, described by American news outlets as "rare," they quickly agreed to provide $61 billion worth of military aid to Ukraine.

The bill was ratified with 311 supportive votes against 112 opposing ones, with all Democrats voting for it. Despite 112 Democrats being against the military aid, the significant support of 101 representatives allowed the substantial package of America's military aid to pass through the obstacle of the House of Representatives and be ratified.

The US representatives also authorized the seizure of Russia's confiscated properties to be handed over to Ukraine. The package is set to be introduced in Senate on Tuesday, with reports indicating it will be ratified upon presentation. President Joe Biden has eagerly declared his anticipation for the Senate to sign the bill, turning it into law.

Russia warned US about confiscation of its properties

As expected, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the always-demanding president of Ukraine, welcomed this big weaponry cake. He appreciated the US’s House of Representatives, describing the financial and weaponry aid in line with “war prevention” measures.

In response to the act of the US Congress, Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said, “The United States obviously wants Ukraine to fight until the last person. The US, drowning in the depths of a compound war against Russia, would result in a big scandal and humiliation for the US, just like Vietnam and Afghanistan.”

$40m for a dome which was not Ironclad

Israel also benefited from military and financial aid from the United States. A month after English-language media outlets and the propaganda machines of the United Nations claimed Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu disagreed over the continuation of war and the administration of Gaza, American representatives put an end to these speculations by passing a $26 billion package.

The bill to provide aid to the Zionist Regime includes an allocation of $4 billion for defensive missiles and the enhancement of the "ironclad dome," whose myth of invincibility ended during attacks on occupied territories by Iranian missiles and drones. Interestingly, America also allocated $9 billion to humanitarian needs in Gaza and vulnerable populations worldwide, though it's unlikely to be allocated to Gazans, given the US's previous ban on providing help to UNRWA, the aid agency for Palestine.

The US military aid to the Israeli regime came amidst threats made by Israel to invade Rafah, the last refuge for 1,500,000 displaced Palestinians, which would be nothing short of a kiss of death for them.

Declaring war against TikTok

On Saturday, Congress had another controversial decision. Besides approving $8.12 billion in aid for supporting Taiwan in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, US representatives voted on a bill that could lead to banning the social media platform "TikTok" in America unless it separates from its Chinese owner. The draft of this law sets a nine-month window for TikTok to be sold, and if the platform doesn't take the US lawmakers' ultimatum seriously, it won't be available on Apple and Google stores in America.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden's campaign team, acknowledging TikTok's popularity among young American users, recently opened an account on the platform. With 170 million users sharing short videos in America, both Biden and TikTok find themselves at a crossroads. TikTok must choose between separating from its Chinese parent company (ByteDance) or exiting the American market, while Biden must either take a strong stance against this Chinese app or utilize it for his reelection campaign in the upcoming presidential race.


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