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Publish Date : 4/18/2024 1:09:44 PM
Iran urges West to put aside its double-sided policy on terrorism

Iran urges West to put aside its double-sided policy on terrorism

Secretary of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights Kazem Gharibabadi has urged the United States and the Western countries to overrule their double-sided and discriminatory policy on terrorism.

Gharibabadi made the remarks in a meeting held in Damascus with the Syrian parliament speaker, IRNA reported on Thursday.

In his remarks, the judicial official described Iran, Iraq and Syria as victims of terrorism and terrorist acts.

Meanwhile, the enemies and the global arrogance have been unsuccessful in their plans, Gharibabadi stressed.

Talking of the recent Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) response to the Israeli attack, Gharibabadi said what Iran does was completely in accordance with the principles of the United Nations Charter.

He went on to regret that the Western states support the Zionist regime instead of condemning its crimes.

Gharibabadi has travelled to the Syrian capital to attend the first joint judicial committee meeting between Tehran, Damascus and Baghdad to discuss counter-terrorism issues.

On April 13, the IRGC announced firing dozens of drones and missiles toward the positions of the Zionist regime in the occupied Palestine. The firing took place in response to the Israeli attack against Iran’s consulate in Damascus, Syria, a few days earlier.  


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