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Publish Date : 4/17/2024 7:03:53 PM
German-Iranian Chamber of commerce opposes new sanctions

German-Iranian Chamber of commerce opposes new sanctions

The German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce spoke out against new sanctions against the Islamic Republic in response to its legitimate attack on Israel.

"As always, calls for new sanctions come fast, but they serve to mask Europe's lack of influence rather than be part of a solution," according to a letter sent to members and friends of the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce seen by Reuters on Wednesday.

The "special relationship" that once existed between Germany and Iran has neither been maintained nor cultivated by Berlin, leading to a loss of influence, said the chamber, with the "key players still in Washington and increasingly Beijing."

European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said on Tuesday that some member states had asked for sanctions against Iran to be expanded and that the bloc's diplomatic service would begin working on the proposal.

Bilateral trade between Germany and Iran had fallen significantly last year, with German exports slumping by more than 24% to 1.2 billion euros ($1.28 billion), while imports from Iran decreased by 18% to 247 million euros.


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