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Publish Date : 4/16/2024 1:27:43 PM
Pres Raisi vows "painful response" to any anti-Iran act

Pres Raisi vows "painful response" to any anti-Iran act

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has stressed the fact that the slightest action against Iran's interests will be met with a severe, extensive, and painful response against all its perpetrators.

Answering a phone call from Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim ibn Hamad Al Thani on Tuesday, Raisi referred to the recent regional developments, saying that the most important issue in the region and even the world is the continuation of the brutal genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza and the need for effective efforts to stop the Zionist regime's crimes.

While the oppressed and powerful people of Gaza are still victorious in the field with their resistance, pedicide, genocide, and horrific crimes by the Zionists, are supported by the United States and some Western countries, he added.

He described the Zionist regime's terrorist attack on Iran's consulate in Damascus as a sign of desperation rooted in this regime's failure to achieve its goal of attacking Gaza.

Contrary to all freedom-seekers' expectations and the explicit text of international laws, the United Nations and the UN Security Council did not fulfill their minimum legal duties in condemning the attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Raisi said, adding that Iran designed and conducted an operation against the same position from which they had attacked Iran to fulfill its right to a legitimate defense based on Article 51 of the United Nations Charter.

He stressed the need to take deterrent measures against the continuation of the Zionist regime's crimes in Gaza, especially by Islamic countries.

Meanwhile, Hamad Al Thani said that Iran and Qatar have always supported each other.

Referring to Qatar's efforts to condemn the Zionist regime's aggression against Iran's consulate in Damascus, he said, "Today, we are witnessing the highest level of global and popular convergence in support of the Palestinian cause, and the Zionist regime is trying to distract the world public from its crimes by creating tension in Gaza."

He praised Iran's wisdom in designing and implementing the response to the Zionist regime's crimes, saying that it has a clear message for everyone.


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