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Publish Date : 4/11/2024 7:39:21 AM
Hackers break into Israeli ministry of military affairs, offer to sell data

Hackers break into Israeli ministry of military affairs, offer to sell data

Hackers have managed to break into the Israeli regime’s ministry of military affairs, offering to sell stolen data unless the regime releases hundreds of Palestinian prisoners.

The group that refers to itself as “NetHunter” announced the breach in a video message posted on its Telegram channel.

Following the announcement, security sources confirmed to Israel Hayom daily on Tuesday that there had been indeed a breach into the ministry's computers.

The group said it had managed to access “classified documents” belonging to the ministry, and documents of cooperation agreements between the regime and other states.

The breach also revealed data concerning “senior Israeli officers” and the regime’s troops, it added.

NetHunter said it had carried out the cyber attack as “an answer to part of Zionist crimes.” “We uncover these crimes and introduce some of Israel’s allies and accomplices to the world,” it noted.

The group has now threatened to sell the information to “pro-Palestinian states” if the regime refused to release as many as “500 Palestinian prisoners.”

According to the Israeli paper, the data included "communications and orders," which the hackers have offered for sale for 50 bitcoins (about $3.45 million).

Last November, a group of pro-Palestinian hackers, calling itself “Cyber Toufan,” had similarly attacked the ministry, and subsequently dumped huge troves of stolen data on the group’s own Telegram account.

They said at the time that the data included the names of the Israeli army’s active-duty and reserve troops.

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