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Publish Date : 4/3/2024 10:04:03 PM
World, region not to be like prior to Aqsa Storm op.: Raisi

World, region not to be like prior to Aqsa Storm op.: Raisi

The Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said on Wednesday that the Palestinian Resistance's Al-Aqsa Storm Operation on October 7, 2023 changed the West Asia region and the entire world forever.

Addressing “Al-Quds Platform” held annually in support of the Palestinian cause which was held virtually and attended by the leader of Islamic Resistance groups in the West Asia region, President Raeisi said that "It is impossible to normalize relations with the Zionist regime today thanks to the blood of Palestinian combatants."

"Today, any compromise plans have gone to the dustbin of history and it is impossible to implement any plan without the participation of the Palestinians," Raeisi said. 

He pointed to the Al-Quds International Day which will be remembered worldwide on Friday and said that "Every day of the year is Quds Day; Holy Quds is the heart of Palestine and the entire occupied country..."

He condemned the Western states for their silence towards Israeli crimes in Gaza and said that "Al-Aqsa Storm was a turning point in the history of the struggle against the occupation. The process of the Palestinian battle is divided into before and after it; The world and the region will not return to the conditions before this operation. The insane committing of war crimes and the slaughtering of women and children by the Zionists will not be able to cover up their irreparable failures."

According to the Iranian president, the terrorist attack conducted by the Zionist regime on the consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus, which will not go unanswered, clearly showed the frustration and helplessness of the regime.

He further said that the Zionist regime is foolishly trying to cover up its failures both militarily and politically. 

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