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Publish Date : 3/25/2024 11:43:01 AM
Chinese Quran activist visits Tehran expo to learn more about Tafsir works

Chinese Quran activist visits Tehran expo to learn more about Tafsir works

Yaqub Mashidu is a Chinese artist and Quran interpreter who has attended the 31st edition of the Tehran International Quran Exhibition.

He took part in an expert forum held at the exhibition’s Islamic seminaries pavilion on Saturday evening.

Mashidu noted at the forum that he is writing a Quran interpretation based on the Chinese culture.

Titled Al-Wa’z al-Hakim Lil-Quran al-Karim, the Quran exegesis is half completed, he said.

He added that because of lack of access to Shia Quran interpretations, he has used Sunni Tafsir works in his book.

The Chinese scholar said he saw the Quran exhibition as a good opportunity for creating bonds and develop scholarly ties in Quranic fields.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Mashidu referred to Quran learning methods among Muslims in China, saying that as well as learning the Quran via Arabic, Muslim children get familiar with the Persian pronunciation of the language of the Quran as well.

The 31st edition of the Tehran International Holy Quran Exhibition was officially launched in a ceremony on March 20.  

It has been attended by representatives from 25 countries.

The Tehran International Quran Exhibition is annually organized by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in the holy month of Ramadan.

The exhibition is aimed at promoting Quranic concepts and developing Quranic activities.

It showcases the latest Quranic achievements in the country as well as a variety of products dedicated to the promotion of the Holy Book.


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