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Publish Date : 3/3/2024 1:13:05 PM
Lack of medical care drives Gazans to death: MSF

Lack of medical care drives Gazans to death: MSF

The Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) project coordinator in Gaza, Lisa Macheiner, has criticized the critical situation in the Gaza Strip, saying that the people of the enclave are “dying from lack of medical care.”

“If people are not killed by bombs, they are suffering from food and water deprivation and dying from lack of medical care,” Macheiner said, according to the Doctors Without Borders organization cited by the IRNA on Sunday from Arabi 21 news.

In her remarks, she described the conspicuous absence of humanitarian aid and the long siege over the Gaza as “horrific.”

She further censured the Israeli regime for its “total disregard” for the lives of the medical personnel and the humanitarian workers as its inhuman move has made the “provision of care” almost impossible.

Also, the MSF secretary general Christopher Lockyear has severely criticized the United States for repeatedly vetoing call for ceasefire in Gaza.

“Children who survive this war will not only bear the visible wounds of traumatic injuries but the invisible ones, too,” Lockyear says.

Since the outset of war in Gaza in October 7, 2023, the number of those killed there has passed 30,000; while report confirms that most of the victims are children and women.


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