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Publish Date : 2/19/2024 7:33:55 PM
Human rights a tool for West to advance hegemonic policies: Iran Envoy

Human rights a tool for West to advance hegemonic policies: Iran Envoy

Iran's Ambassador to Italy, Mohammad-Reza Sabouri has said that human rights have turned into a tool for the West to advance its hegemonic foreign policy.

The ambassador made the comment in an interview with Italian "Don Quichotte” magazine, according to a Monday report by IRNA, as he referred to the West’s silence on the barbaric crimes committed by the Israeli regime against the oppressed and defenseless Palestinian people. 

Sabouri also referred to the October 7 Operation Al-Aqsa Storm, which Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, launched against Israeli positions from Gaza.

The emphasis of Western officials and media on the October 7 operation is an attempt to divert the public opinion from the root causes of the Palestinian crisis, he said, adding that the crisis began decades ago when the Palestinians’ right to their land and decide their fate was ignored.

The Iranian diplomat also said that the decades-long crisis has remained unresolved, because views of the Palestinian people have been ignored by policy-makers.

Iran believes that a solution to the crisis should be based on a referendum with the presence of the real people of this land, the Palestinians inside and outside the occupied territories, Sabouri said.

“I do not judge the positions of other countries, but I believe that any solution, which ignores the will of the real people of this land, will be ineffective”, he added.


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