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Publish Date : 2/13/2024 9:33:02 AM
Most Americans want permanent ceasefire in Gaza: Survey

Most Americans want permanent ceasefire in Gaza: Survey

A new poll by a research organization in the United States has found that a majority of people in the country, including American Muslims, Catholics, Protestants and White Evangelical Christians are in favor of the cessation of war and a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.

The survey was conducted by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, a research organization with a focus on American Muslims.

According to IRNA's Monday night report from Al Jazeera, 50% of American Jews who were surveyed said they want the violence to stop immediately while 34% of them wanted the attacks by the Zionist regime on Gaza to continue.

The poll also found that Jewish and Muslim Democrats, like most American Democrats, favor an end to the war on Gaza. The majority of young Americans also responded in favor of stopping the violence in Gaza.

However, views differed on who is to be blamed for the conflict.

Majorities of Jews (65%) and White Evangelicals (51%) held Hamas responsible for the ongoing violence. A large number of Catholics (47%) also agreed.

This is while 40% of American Muslims participated in the poll considered that the Israeli regime was responsible for the war.

The survey comes as the Zionist regime is facing condemnations from human rights groups, international organizations such as the United Nations and the international community for genocide and other war crimes in the Gaza Strip.

Major cities in the United States have seen a number of mass rallies in solidarity with Palestinians despite the American government’s all-out support for the Zionist regime’s genocidal war on Gaza.

Last month, tens of thousands of Americans took to the streets as part of “The Gaza Global Day of Action”, the day that saw millions of people taking to the streets in over 121 cities across 45 countries around the world to express support for Palestinians in Gaza.


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