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Publish Date : 2/12/2024 9:46:54 AM
Israeli military steals over $54 mln from Gaza bank: Report

Israeli military steals over $54 mln from Gaza bank: Report

The Israeli regime’s military has reportedly stolen more than $54 million from a bank in Gaza after storming it.

Israeli forces stormed the Bank of Palestine’s headquarters in Gaza last week, stealing 54.29 million dollars from it, Beirut-based Al Mayadeen reported on Sunday, citing Israeli newspaper Maariv.

The money had been allocated to the Palestinian Authority, Maariv said, citing Israeli officers who alleged that the attack was aimed at stopping Hamas from “acquiring the money”.

The Israeli regime’s forces recently abducted the bodies of dozens of Palestinians in Gaza.

All these are happening as the regime is pressing ahead with its attacks on Gaza, which have already killed more than 28,000 people, mostly women and children, since early October.

The attacks have continued unabated despite growing calls across the world for an end to the regime’s atrocities against Gazans.


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