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Publish Date : 2/11/2024 9:29:38 AM
"We have never welcomed spread of war in region": Iran FM

"We have never welcomed spread of war in region": Iran FM

Iran's foreign minister said that if the United States seeks peace in the region, the Israeli crimes and genocide in Gaza and the West Bank must stop, stressing that Iran never seeks the spread of war.

On a visit to Beirut, as the first stop of his regional trou, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian met with Lebanese caretaker Foreign Minister Abdallah Bou Habib on Saturday followed by a joint press conference. 

Stating that "we have never welcomed the spread of war in the region, the Iranian foreign minister stressed that , "If the United States is looking for peace in the region, the solution is to stop the crimes and genocide in Gaza and the West Bank."

"We believe that the resistance groups in Palestine including Hamas have acted wisely and accurately both in terms of standing against the crimes and genocide of the Zionist regime and also on the political path."

"Netanyahu and the Zionist regime see their survival in the spread of the war. The Americans have adopted a contradicting approach, Despite declaring their opposition to the spread of the war, the US government fully supports the Israeli regime and has not stopped sending weapons to the regime even for a one single day," he added.

Emphasizing the need for everyone to respect Lebanon's sovereignty and territorial integrity, Amir-Abdollahian noted, "Regarding Lebanon's internal issues, we are confident that Lebanon's political leaders are intelligent enough to resolve the country's internal issues, and Iran supports any Lebanese decision. Moreover, the Islamic Republic of Iran wants nothing but good things for Lebanon."

"The end of the war would mean the end of Netanyahu and the hardliner cabinet of the fake occupying regime, and our argument is that Netanyahu is trying to hold the White House hostage so that he may be in power for a few more months," he added.


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